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Captain Adria Solwick and the crew of the USS Pioneer, are tasked with ensuring the peace, before all out war breaks out, and the Federation find themselves in a middle of a war. Lord Brotak and General Akero believe they have rightful claim over the klingon thrown of power.

The year is 2429. The USS Pioneer has set course for the Klingon Border. After that assination of High Chancellor and the uprising of Gorn, stablity in the area, begins to crumble. Captain Solwick is dispatched to restore the peace, and prevent a war.

The USS Pioneer joins Task Group 2, with the 16th Fleet.

16th Fleet Mission:

Created in the 23rd century, the 16th Fleet is a mobile fleet within Starfleet focused on preserving the Federation and its ideals in the face of adversity. The 16th Fleet's duties are primarily exploratory in nature; however, the members of this fleet are also assigned to rapidly respond to diplomacy and emergency support missions on the Federation's Outer Rim, including the borders with the Cardassian Union, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Star Empire. With recent advancements in technology allowing Starfleet the ability to travel to the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant and the Dominion lessening restrictions on admission to the Gamma Quadrant, the vessels of the 16th Fleet have been selected to serve in these regions as well. These personnel are tasked with achieving peace through a mix of diplomacy, military force, and intelligence gathering.

In the event of a violation of the Federation Charter by a member state or a disagreement between Federation members the ships of the 16th Fleet will be called in to respond. For this reason the Captains and crews of vessels assigned to the 16th Fleet are intensely loyal to the Federation and, traditionally, those who are selected to serve as its leaders will renounce citizenship on their home world. Despite the intense nature of their missions, selection for the 16th Fleet is considered one of the highest honors that can be bestowed by Starfleet.

Latest Mission Posts

» How much longer

Mission: s2, E2: Insurrection on New Vulcan Colony
Posted on Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 8:44pm by Lieutenant Andrea Winston & Lieutenant Commander Harley Jackson

"I only have a few minutes left of break, I just wanted to stop by and see you, on a personal level. Not as my boss." Andrea said, with a big grin. As she walked into his ready room.

Harley dropped his padd and smiled widely at her. “I am…

» That Kiss

Mission: s2, E2: Insurrection on New Vulcan Colony
Posted on Thu Feb 18th, 2021 @ 10:16pm by Lieutenant JG Gregory Mendoza & Lieutenant Jessica Scott

"I hope you do not mind, but I managed to get us a table with view." Gregory said, with a big grin on his face. He had pulled in a few favors from his colleagues. Gregory started to sit down at the table with Jessica.

“I am happy to be…

» Plus One

Mission: s2, E2: Insurrection on New Vulcan Colony
Posted on Thu Feb 18th, 2021 @ 9:31pm by Lieutenant Chelsea Grant & Lieutenant Spencer Wolfe

The USS Pioneer was heading to Deep Space 16, when Chelsea got a call from Spencer Wolfe. Apparently he wanted to know if she was available for dinner tonight.

She was not sure, if it was wise to continue to see the counselor of the ship. She liked him, but…

» One lucky girl

Mission: s2, E2: Insurrection on New Vulcan Colony
Posted on Thu Feb 18th, 2021 @ 8:54pm by Captain Adria Solwick & Brendan Miles

Adria walked into the mess hall, and winked at Brendan. "You have outdone yourself, baby!" Adria said, with an approving look and an appetite to match. She was eager to meet up with Brendan. It had been a pretty mundane day for her. She needed to see her man.


» S1,E1: Timeline outline....DO NOT POST

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Posted on Mon Feb 15th, 2021 @ 6:12am by Captain Adria Solwick & Lieutenant Commander Harley Jackson & Captain Jack "Blackjack" Patton & Lieutenant JG 1001 & Lieutenant JG 0110

Actual date: January, 10, 2429 (MD001)

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