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Brotherly Love

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2020 @ 5:06am by Lieutenant JG 1001 & Lieutenant JG 0110

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Crew Quarters
Timeline: MD006 1400 hrs

0110 sat at the desk in the quarters that he shared with his brother staring at the readout. He had received a private communication from Starfleet Command a short while ago and had retreated to his quarters to read it in private. To receive a secure communication was unlikely for anyone other than the Captain, for it to be from Command itself was a rarity.

"Why the Hell did you leave the Bridge?" 1001 asked after he entered the room.

0110 turned and looked back, "When did you get here?"

"A few seconds ago and you're evading the question. So why did you leave the Bridge?" The Helm Officer asked as he sat down on the bed.

"I received a transmission from Starfleet," the Operations Manager reported.

"Neat. What do they want?"

"I can't answer. It's classified," the other Bynar replied.

"You know I could always just probe your mind through the buffer and find out," 1001 countered.

"You don't have the processing capacity," 0110 answered. He knew after saying it that it was a low blow and he was going to be called on it.

Instead, 1001 said nothing. The Helmsman stood and walked into his part of the cabin, settling in at his own desk. 0110 sighed - finding it odd that he had picked up such a genuinely Human characteristic - and followed his brother.

"Rear Admiral Coulson contacted me."

1001 turned, "It's classified. You don't have to tell me."

"I should. It affects you," he sat down on the bed. "Starfleet Command has diverted additional resources to the New Vulcan Colony. They have extended to me an offer to serve as the Chief Operations Officer for the colony with a promotion to full Lieutenant."

"I wasn't aware you had applied," the helmsman interrupted.

"I didn't," 0110 answered, "they chose me without an application."

1001 deactivated his monitor, "When do you go?"

"I turned it down," the Operations Officer answered.

The Helmsman was perturbed, "Why would you give up such an amazing opportunity?"

"Because you are not able to go with me," 0110 reported. "I'm not ready to be apart from you, nor I think you me."

"That's a failure of imagination. You have gone far in this role, but you need to continue to push forward. Not just for yourself, but for all Bynars. I'll be fine and so will you."

0110 denied it, "I am not certain of that. I need to stay here. i need to be with you. We have never been apart."

"Which is why you have to do this. Think of the opportunities for growth that you will have," he paused. "This is an amazing opportunity. You need to reconsider your decision."

"I cannot do this without you," 0110 confided.

"You can and you will," 1001 reaffirmed as he rose from the chair.
He paused at the door, "Knock em dead, Little Bro."

0110 watched as his brother stepped back through the portal and into the corridor. Alone with his thoughts he started. Human vernacular aside did he have a valid point? Was this what was supposed to happen?

He looked at the computer screen wondering...


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