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S1, E1: Uprising Timeline .... DO NOT POST

Posted on Mon Feb 15th, 2021 @ 6:12am by Captain Adria Solwick

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising

Actual date: October 15, 2429 (MD001)

Here is a list of missions we are working on. If they are highlighted in blue link once they are completed, if they are not complete. They will not be highlighted in blue. They will be standard white color. Please add your JP's or solo posts you are working on here please. So we jump on each others post stamps. We are using a mod that will put posts in chronological order.

Mission Date:






1330 - Remedial Tasks - Grant, Christian
1330 - Meeting with the Admiral - Solwick, Jackson, Malbrooke
1330 - Need scan time - Mendoz, Christian
2000 - An interesting choice - Solwick, Miles


OCC J: This list is not complete, if you want to help me complete it. Feel free to do so.


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