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Benefit of doubt

Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 9:44am by Captain Adria Solwick & Lieutenant Commander Harley Jackson

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: CO Ready Room
Timeline: MD005 1100 hrs

Harley walked into the ready room for his weekly meeting with the captain, a padd in one hand and a mug of his favorite coffee in the other. The captain didn’t look up until he took a seat.

“Morning Captain,” Harley said, a smile on his face thinking this was going to be a good day. “I stopped and picked up the counselors reports, he passed them all for duty.”

"Number one, please have a seat. Before we talk business, shall I order you the usual?" Adria asked as the sixth day of their command came to be. It was strange to her that after six days, that she would have guessed her first officer favorite drink.

“Yes,”’Harley grinned. “Thank you for thinking of me.” He loved his caramel coffee with lots of sugar in it. The Captain was good at little things like this.

"You were mentioning, the counselors report." Adria reminded him, as she got comfortable in her chair, and taking a sip from her own cup of coffee. The sweet aroma made everything alright.

“Yes,” Harley brought it up. “He cleared everyone he had a session with yesterday so that means all the crew passes their counseling evaluations.” He grinned. “Even me.”

"So how did your meeting go with Una Park and that's great to hear?" Adria said, with a big warm smile on her face. She knew, that he knew her true identity. "I find her to be very vibrant." Adria suggested to him.

“It went well,” Harley replies. “She is close mouthed, cautious and suspicious just as I expected her to be.” He took a drink. “I would share only what I intend to go back to her superiors.”

"Sounds like you don't trust her." Adria pointed out to Harley. She was a little surprised to hear this. Granted she was an intelligence officer, but she was still a member of the crew.

“I do to a certain extent,” Harley replies. “But she puts a lot of faith in her superiors back home.” He shook his head. “I could be wrong I only spent this little bit of time with her but she seems sold on reporting to them everything.”

"You got all that, from a simple meet and greet?" Adria asked, a little surprised. She wondered, if he was making assumptions based on feelings and not observation. She wondered, if he had a bad experience dealing with intelligence in the past.

“Like I said I could be reading her wrong,” Harley replied. “She seemed hung up on command to me. I just prefer to be a little cautious is all.”

"Maybe you are, to the crew she is just a translation specialist, a scientist. Only we know her true identity." Adria pointed out to Harley. She needed him to see past his insecurities, when it came to Una.

“You’re right,” Harley sighed. “Sorry Captain I am a work in progress. I will let go of my assumptions and give her the same chance as everyone else.” Still he couldn’t help but wonder her true purpose of being there.

"That's all I ask number one, she might have loyalties to Intelligence but she is still a member of this crew, and I will hold her accountable as such." Adria pointed out to Harley. "And as such, we need to give her the benefit of the doubt, till she gives us reason to doubt her resolve."

“I will give it,” Harley returned and he meant it. He was glad to be assigned under Captain Solwick. She had patience and was teaching him valuable lessons.

"Sorry if I came off as preachy, it was not my intention. We're a team, and I value your input. Please understand that." Adria said to Harley, hoping that today did not discourage him from speaking out down the road.

“I do,” Harley nodded. “I appreciate what you said and this is how I will learn so that I can be a captain like you one day.”

"While I appreciate the comment, I hope you are a better captain than me." Adria said, with a big grin on her face.

“I aim to be the best,” Harley replied. “But you will be a tough act to follow. I have learned so much already.”

"I am happy to teach you what I know." Adria said, to him as she went on to say. "Tomorrow we will be meeting up with the Klingon's, you ready for this?" She asked.

“Yes,” Harley nodded without even blinking. “I am giving them a chance as well to show they have changed.”

Adria was not sure what he meant by that. How could he give them a chance, unless he already had contact with them recently. "Have you had contact with the Klingons recently?" Adria asked, she thought he said no earlier. But now she was confused.

“No,” Harley smiled. “I meant I am not going in with all the preconceptions that some have. I have learned from you to take each situation as it comes.”

"I believe its the best way to handle any situation that is thrown our way." Adria pointed out to him.

“You are right in your thinking,” Harley agreed. “It is a good example to follow and one I have learned from.”

Adria just smiled as the scene starts to fade away.


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