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What is the point of this?

Posted on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 9:41pm by Lieutenant Chelsea Grant & Lieutenant Spencer Wolfe
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Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Counseling Office
Timeline: MD005 1045 hrs

JP with LT Spencer Wolfe and LT Andrea Winston

Andrea was a little annoyed, as made apparent by the tone of her voice. "Can you please explain to me, why we need a psych evaluation, every time a starfleet officer is transferred?" She asked Spencer as she sat on his sofa.

“First of all it is in Starfleet regulations,” Spenser replied. “And second most captains like a fresh exam of all personnel.” He grinned. “You could take it up with her.”

"Why would I want to take it up to the Captain?" Chelsea asked. She was a little surprise how defensive that remark sounded to her. She wondered if he was having a bad day.

“It was a joke,” Spenser replied. “I guess you couldn’t tell I was smiling when I said it.” His eyes were on her. “Please have a seat.”

"Sorry that I missed that." Chelsea said, as she just gave a half smile. She was trying to lighten the mood of the moment. Which was not easy to do, with her last comment to him. Why did he call her down now? She hated evaluations.

“Look,” Spenser said with a smile. “I’m not one of those counselors who holds up pictures and asks you what you see. I just want to talk and get a sense of your state of mind for my evaluation. Fair enough?”

"Pitty, maybe I like those pictures." Chelsea said, now coying with him a little bit. She was trying to keep him at arms length. She did not need a shrink, tingling around in her mind.

“I am sure you will have an opportunity in the future to see them again,” Spenser replied. “Tell me about your last assignment.”

"I spent the last seven years on Starbase 400, she was a good station a lot of ships to mantain, with a good crew. I rather enjoyed my time on that station, but sadly no room for advancement, my Department Head, was very happy being the Chief Engineering Officer. So I when noticed the opening on this ship, I applied and got it. As far as the Yamato, what do you want to know?" She asked, with a big grin on her face.

“Spending seven years there I am certain you dealt with some tense situations,” Spenser replied. She was deflecting and he had all day. The bottom line was he would be the one to clear her for duty. “I would like to hear about some of the most recent ones.”

"Most of that time was spent, raising my little girl. She is now old enough to be a little self dependant." Chelsea pointed out to Spenser. She did not have time to create a lot of tension, or to allow others to create tension with her.

"So your saying that in five years the only thing that moved you emotionally," Spenser continued. "Affected you on an emotional level in any way was raising your daughter?"

"Does that surprise you?" Chelsea asked Spenser. She was curious why he would be surprised. He was a counselor, he had to be trained on the fact that mothers tend to care for their children, and not their social life.

“Not that raising your daughter moved you, no,” Spenser returned. “Five years is a long time to serve and not one thing affected you?”

"I did not say that, things affected me. I just was not looking for a man. I am capable of living without a man in my life." Chelsea pointed out to him.

“I want referring to personal relationships,” Spenser was beginning to believe this was a game she was playing. “I am talking about things that happened to the crew, on all levels, some happy some good, some sad some bad.”

"Good we are on the same page, now you know how I feel about personal relationships. I am not against them, but my priority is my daughter." Chelsea said, wondering where he was going with this?

“No doubt you saw many adventures on Starbase, probably went on few missions?” Spenser continued. “One in particular you were in the landing party and there were two casualties.” His eyes met hers. “Tell me how that changed you.”

"What's the point of this?" Chelsea asked, getting a little defensive. Why was he doing this, and did it really matter. She was a great officer, a great diplomat.

"It is my job to assess your mental state," Spenser explained calmly. "I am not trying to make you defensive. I am a bit concerned that you feel five years of serving, including going on missions didn't change you at all."

"Typical single male, trying to assess if a mom is doing a good job. Wow." Chelsea said, as she got very defensive. Mom's hated to be challenged in this type of manner. He had no idea, what it was like to be a father. So what made him qualified to tell her how to be a parent.

Spenser blinked. “I am not referring to you as a parent. I am certain you are an excellent one. I am speaking about your professional one.” Where did she come up with him judging her as a mother?

"In my eyes they are one in the same. You can not be a professional, if you are a lowsy parent. If you had kids, you would know this. You would know this if you were a parent." Chelsea started to go off on him, letting her mom mode go into full affect. "As a parent you need to set the example, be the mother, be the father. Be the responsible one, teach them from right and wrong." Chelsea started to say, she was really annoyed about his professional comment.

Spenser smiled at her. “See that is what I really wanted to hear, how you feel.” He sat back. “I apologize for upsetting you.”

"Your very arrogant you know that?" Chelsea pointed out to him, with a displeasing look on her face.

Spenser sighed. “Arrogant? That wasn’t my intention at all. I just needed to get a feeling for your mental state and I can see you are just fine.” He didn’t know why but it bothered him.

"I have been doing a good job with my little girl. Sorry if my lack of social skills is not to your liking, but over the centuries a lot of mothers have given up social encounters, to help raise their child. I am no different." Chelsea said, still slightly annoyed.

“I think your an exceptional parent,” Spenser replied. “Honestly I do not know why you would think I felt differently.”

"Words, Counselor Wolfe." Chelsea said, appreciating the gesture of an apology, but she was not ready to place nice yet.

“It was not my intention,” Spenser said earnestly. “I was speaking as a member of the crew not as a mother. I am really sorry I made you think that!”

"Isn't a counselor suppose to see all sides of the spectrum, not just the crews side?" Chelsea asked, as she felt her mom mode go into over drive.

“I am,” Spenser agreed. “From the first part of our conversation I could tell you were good in that respect, I had to be sure from a professional standard.” He paused. “I am not the bad guy.”

"From my seat, I beg to defer." Chelsea said, with a stern tone on her face.

“I’m trying to apologize for being a jerk,” Spenser returned. “I didn’t realize I came off that way but I am big enough to say I am sorry when I am wrong.”

"Showing weakness and compassion, wow." Chelsea said, a little surprised. His compassion took away her sting, it made it not worth continuing to attack him. She hated to admit it, but she needed to forgive him. "Apology accepted."

“Thank you,” Spenser said sincerely. “I own up to my mistakes and I would have felt guilty for a long time.” He paused and took a risk. “Can I make it up to you with dinner?”

"I am going to pass on that for now." Chelsea said, feeling a little uncomfortable. "I do appreciate the offer though."

“All good,”‘Spenser replied. He sensed it wasn’t something she was ready for and he would respect that. “I will inform command that you have been cleared for duty.”

"Thanks." Chelsea said, as she was eager to leave the room. The scene starts to fade away.


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