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Five Days

Posted on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 9:19pm by Lieutenant Chelsea Grant & Lieutenant Jessica Scott
Edited on on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 9:20pm

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD005 1035 hrs

JP with Chelsea Hart and Jessica Scott

Chelsea was in sickbay, up to this point she had managed to slip through her radar, but no longer. It was time for medical check up. She had put this off for five days, but no longer.

Jessica looked up and smiled. It was one of those ones she got when she had finally won a battle. “Lieutenant Grant, I am glad to see you.”

"I hope that is a good type of glad, and not a glad I dont have to call security to drag you into sickbay type of glad." Chelsea suggested with a teasing tone in her voice.

Jessica laughed. “It’s a I am glad to see you, maybe after your physical we can get some lunch together.” She was relieved she didn’t have to go find her as well.

"Do you know what Chef Miles, is preparing today?" Chelsea asked. She almost forgot to mention, that she typically had lunch with her daughter. Maybe Jessica knew that. The mess hall was not that big. Surely, she saw them eating together all the time.

“I think I heard it was going to be roast beef or chicken wraps,” Jessica replied as she started taking a scan. “Have you had any issues I need to know about? Headaches, pain anywhere?”

"Chicken wraps, I dont want lettuce, I want bread or torillas." Chelsea pointed out to Jessica, then she went on. "No headaches, no pain." She pointed out, still a little annoyed that they were having wraps.

“The meat is wrapped in a tortilla and it is seasoned and has other things inside,” Jessica informed her. “You can get it without the lettuce if you want.”

"I am not a rabbit, lets save the lettuce for them." Chelsea pointed out to Jessica, with a big grin on her face.

“I am definitely more of a meat eater as well,” Jessica replied. “Though I don’t mind a good salad once in a while as long as it has a lot of meat in it.”

"Chicken is the only real meat you can put in a salad. Sure you can put bits of bacon, turkey or ham in a salad, but it wont taste that good if you put a ham steak in a salad." Chelsea pointed out to Jessica.

"Chicken is the preferred meat on a salad,' Jessica agreed with a nod. "I see people eating all kinds of different things, once met someone who put crocodile on theirs!"

"Gross, and why?" Chelsea asked, wondering why anyone would want to eat a crocidile. That did not appetizing to her in the slightest. She would prefer to eat fried cactus. Which did not sound appetizing.

“They loves the taste,” Jessica said with a shudder. “Claimed it was the only meat they liked.” She smiled at her. “It was our one and only date.”

"Your brave, I might have excused myself to the restroom, and snuck out the back door." Chelsea said, giving Jessica a lot of credit, for seeing it through to the end.

“I left him on the dance floor actually,” Jessica said with a grin. “I know to this day he wonders why I would have left him, he had a high opinion of himself.”

"Oh that is harsh, I bet he stayed on the floor to protect his ego. At least, till the song was done." Chelsea said, seeing how an egostical type of guy would do that.

“Oh I am sure he did,” Jessica laughed. “And then made a dignified exit as if I hadn’t left and everything was all fine.”’

"Where did end up hiding, I may need to pull that trick down the road." Chelsea asked, with a big grin on her face.

Jessica grinned. "I was lucky, there was this big potted plant near the entrance, I just slipped behind it and watched as embarrassment set in and then he tried to cover it up but no one was fooled. They knew he had been dumped at the table."

"That sounds pretty clever. Well done, Jessica." Chelsea said, with a big warm smile on her face. "I bet they were all surprised." Chelsea suggested, curious if her guess was right.

“Yes they were,” Jessica said with a nod. “He was really handsome and an immaculate dresser and had expensive tastes. Looking at him I’m sure the women thought I was lucky but the show was all he had going for him. I won’t settle.”

"Where can I find a guy like that? The only single guy I know is the counselor, and not sure if I want to be dating a shrink." Chelsea said in a teasing manner. She honestly rarely thought about dating. Her daughter, was her life. And so was her career in starfleet. Men seemed to be more of a distraction, than helpful.

“I used to think I was looking for a type,” Jessica confesses. “The truth is I doubt we will even see him coming. Sometimes Cupid has his own plans.”

That was not really the answer she was looking for. Seemed like an answer more inline for Jessica, than Chelsea. But she needed to keep an open mind. She decided the best thing to do was, be comical. "So where can I find this cupid guy, so I can give him a peace of my mind."

“Love doesn’t have a description or a plan,” Jesssica said with a smile. “It’s a feeling that two hearts have when they meet. I am no expert I am still working on mine.”

"A plan would be so much simpler. Don't you think?" Chelsea asked, with a deep sigh. Easier to think of a man, but harder to find one. Most want sex, or run when they learn she has a daughter.

“What if you meet the man of your plan and his is different than yours?” Jessica countered. “I went with that plan once and it didn’t work, this time it’s with my heart.”

"Who's the lucky man?" Chelsea asked, making sure she did not go after her man on accident. She believed in the girl code, and it would be bad to go after someone elses man.

“Gregory Mendoza,” Jessica said, smiling as she said his name. “So yeah he is taken he just hasn’t realized it yet.”

"I'll keep that in mind." Chelsea said, with a grin. She was happy for Jessica. The scene starts to fade away.


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