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I was wondering if you were coming

Posted on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 9:13pm by Ensign Una Park & Lieutenant Commander Harley Jackson
Edited on on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 9:13pm

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Translation Lab, Science Lab
Timeline: MD005 1030 hrs

JP with LCDR Harley Jackson and Ensign Una Park

Una was in the translation office, she was curious why the first officer, had yet to make his presence known. He had to hear by now, of her real mission on the USS Pioneer. She was more than a translation specialist. She was also an intelligence officer.

Harley walked into the Science Department and looked around, heading to the translation lab. He walked in and headed over to where Ensign Park was working, waiting patiently with his hands behind his back for her to finish what she was doing.

"Hello Commander, can I help you?" Una said, as she continued her work on translating some romulan documents. The task was remedial enough, she could afford the distraction of the first officer.

Harley stared at her for a long moment. “We need to talk, I am certain you were expecting a visit from me.” He paused. “I am not one for playing games.”

"I take it, you were briefed?" Una asked, being careful not to give away anything, just incase he was briefed on her yet. She had a cover story, if he was not briefed.

“I know who you work for,” Harley replied. “You have a pretty decent cover no one has suspected the truth.”

"Who do I work for, Commander?" Una asked, still not ready to break her cover, till he gave her the challenge word, of Umbrella.

“Intelligence,” Harley replied careful to keep his voice low. “I spoke with your superior earlier this morning. I am here to be filled in by you on how it’s going to far.”

"It's not a secret, I work for Captain Solwick, like we all do." Una said, with a warm smile on her face. She wondered, what his end game was. Either call her out, and give the challenge word, or accept the fact, she is not going to break cover, till he does.

Harley sighed. “You are tenacious aren’t you?” He stared at her for a long moment. “Perhaps this will help.” He paused. “It is kind of weird if you ask me but....Skirmish.”

"I never asked you to skirmish with anyone?" Una said, wondering if he knew the code. Maybe he had not been giving the debriefing yet, by Captain Solwick.

"Just testing you," Harley replied. "After all you never know, maybe you are a plant." He looked at her, seriously. "Umbrella."

"Thanks I think sir. So far, there is nothing to report in this area of space. The area is light with Klingon presence. Granted a ship, could be cloaked, but nothing according to our intelligence drones suggest that a ship has traveled this way. The target area, is a good place to start our mission. And make the klingons come out to us. I hope J'Lenna's family comes through, for us."

“As do I,” Harley agreed with a nod. “We need to know what they are up to. It might be nothing but having knowledge is always better.”

"Agreed Sir, and we will get that information. Intelligence is very good, but even if we can not find out. No doubt Section 31 can." Una suggested to him, as an alternate source of intelligence gathering.

“They can,” Harley nodded. “But I prefer to put my faith in You and intelligence.” He looked at her and waited for her reply.

"I can only tell you what the sensor drones tell me, I am not a covert operations intelligence officer. I just intercept the drones data, and intrepret it and send it up to intelligence command." Una pointed out to Harley.

“I get that but you have a vested interest here and some suit in an office does not,” Harley pointed out. “So let me live my fantasy.”

"What fantasy would that be sir?" Una asked, just to make sure, she knew what she needed to create for him. He was a little more laid back, than she expected a first officer, to be.

"That out here in the field we are more qualified to know what needs to be done than someone pencil pusher," Harley explained. "I don't know them nor trust them but you have that until you lose it." His eyes met hers. "You really don't want to."

"Sometimes an objective outside opinion can be useful." Una pointed out to him. She knew this to be true, because intelligence was more than one low ranking ensign on a starship. And some of those pencil pushers, had some good ideas.

“I am not dismissing them,” Harley returned evenly. “But they are not out here in the field, we are. If I have to react to an issue it will be based on the here and now.”

"Fair point, but I wanted to point out, that in a way I am one of them. Yes I have some field experiencing coming to me, now that I am on the Pioneer. But my career started behind a desk, at the Academy." Una pointed out to him.

“Point taken,” Harley replied. “I can see why you were confused now that you say that. It must feel good to be out from behind a desk.”

"Indeed it does, I do agree with you though. You can learn more behind a desk, but sometimes being behind the desk, can be useful too. I guess the trick is, to find that happy balance." Una suggested to Harley. She was still trying to figure it out.

“Finding balance is always the trick,” Harley nodded. “We’re all finding our way in that respect. I feel like I am getting their as first Officer.”

"You are the first officer, no reason to get there. You are there." Una suggested to him, trying to re assure him.

“I meant finding the balance,” Harley said with a grin. “I am the first officer of course.”

"Glad we cleared that up." Una said, with a big grin on her face. "Is there anything I can help clear up for you, sir?" Una said, as her big grin grew even larger.

“No,” Harley shook his head thinking she was really big on the uptake. “I am doing just fine.” He smiled then. “If you need anything you know where to find me.”

"I will sir." Una said, as the scene starts to fade away.


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