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Should we

Posted on Mon Jun 29th, 2020 @ 6:27am by Lieutenant Andrea Winston

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD004 1740 hrs

"Should we interrupt that little boys club meeting?" Andrea asked, as she approached Jessica. They were both looking at Gregory and Harley talking. She wondered what they were talking about.

“Yes,” Jessica said with a laugh. “Whatever they are talking about must be deep because they aren’t even aware we are approaching.”

"Sometimes we get caught up in our own little worlds, we forget that others might be observing. Maybe we should observe them for a moment, and see if they see us observing them?" Andrea suggested, hoping that Jessica, would agree.

“Let’s do it!” Jessica agreed with a smile. “I wonder if either of them will sense our presence. I used to date a guy who said he could but it was a scam and I dropped him like a hot potato.”

"If I had to venture a guess they talking about guy stuff, getting it out of their system, so they can practice that mushy stuff, like being romantic." Andrea said, trying to mimic Harley.

Jessica laughed softly. “I bet you are right! Gregory can be really sweet that way.” She looked over at them. “Them being friends will be a good thing.”

"I think all of us making friendships, will be a good thing. Don't you?" Andrea asked, hoping that Jessica agreed.

“Yes it will,” Jessica nodded. “One can never have too many friends.” She looked over at Gregory. “They say when someone stares at a person they begin to feel like they are being watched.”

"Well its true, if you stare at someone for to long, they are being watched." Andrea suggested to Jessica.

“It doesn’t seem to affect them,” Jessica responses. “ you think they know we are here?”

"Probably the latter, men can be a little tunnel vision at times." Andrea pointed out to Jessica. She assumed, they had not noticed them. Most of her experience with men, taught her they were hyper focus on topic at a time. Especially sports.

“True,” Jessica nodded. “They would be up and offering us seats the moment they saw us.”

"Let them have their moment. Gives us a chance to get to know one another." Andrea pointed out to Jessica.

“It does,” Jessica nodded. “What if we sit over here and get something to drink and have a visit of our own?”

"I would like that." Andrea said, with a big grin, as she walked over to a table, just outside of ear shot range of the boys.

Jessica sat down across from her and ordered a drink, then sat back. "So is serving here everything you expected it to be?" she asked Andrea.

"The Pioneer is state of the art, even thou we are new crew, so far I would have to say, I am not sure. But the ship, does have some nice people on it." Andrea said, not sure if this was a good assignment or not. They were still new to the ship, and its the real maiden voyage. So hard to base her time on this yet.

“I am settling in well,” Jessica replied. “Everyone has been really helpful and I read the files on both the captain and your boyfriend. I believe I can learn a lot from them.”

"He is more than my boyfriend, you know. He is also the first officer. I know that might be a little wierd, if you think its wierd for you, imagine how I feel. Dating the first officer." Andrea pointed out to Jessica.

“I am sure it is,” Jessica nodded. “I didn’t mean anything by it. Just that he has had an impressive career so far, already rising to first Officer.”

"Sorry, I get a little defensive when it comes to Harley. He has worked hard to prove himself. I am happy, that Captain Solwick choose him to be our first officer." Andrea said to Jessica.

“They seem to work well together,” Jessica nodded. “I haven’t spent much time around him but one of my coworkers was saying that he is easy to talk to.”

"Harley is a wonderful guy to be around." Andrea pointed out to Jessica, to releave any doubt, that she might have. "He is very compassionate, and well trained." She went on to say.

“Those are good qualities,” Jessica nodded. “It is better to work for someone you feel is approachable when you have an issue.”

"I hope we all feel that way, on this ship. It's my hope, we are more than just a collective group of starfleet officers. We are a community, we should treat each other like family." Andrea said, with a big grin on her face. As she went on. "We are going to be working together, day in and day out potentially for years."

“I like that idea,” Jessica nodded. “We are like you said living as a family of sorts and it makes sense for us to all to embrace it.” She smiled then. “Of course in all families there are disagreements from time to time.”

"Just as long as the men realize, we were right. And they were wrong." Andrea playfully teased, with a big grin on her face.

"That is a given," Jessica smiled. "My Dad used to say happy wife happy life, I wonder if we could come up with a saying for girlfriends." She looked over at the two men. "We are lucky to have found them."

"I hate that saying. A happy relationship, is a compromise not one sex controlling another." Andrea pointed out to Jessica. She really hated that term. 'Happy wife, happy life.'

"You are probably right on that," Jessica replied. "My parents divorced when I was a baby so the only experience I have of a marriage was when I visited my Dad and his wife. They seemed to really love each other thought. She would make him special treats and he would bring her something home almost every day. It could be big or something as simple as an apple."

To Andrea sounded like his wife, was co dependant, and trying to stimulate her partner, by doing things for him. Making him feel special. The diplomat in her wanted to come out. But she kept it in check. "Sounds like despite the divorce, they both loved you very much." Andrea suggested, with a smile on her face.

"My mother loved me but her passion was making my father miserable," Jessica replied. "She hated that he remarried and had another family. I was supposed to hate them as the enemy so I just didn't talk to her about them."

"Sorry to hear that, that had to be rough." Andrea said. She well loved and her parents were very nice to one another. She could not comprehend, the agony that placed on Jessica.

"What doesn't kill makes you stronger," Jessica said with a smile. "Let's not talk about my train wreck of a childhood. Tell me about yours!"

"My childhood was not a train wreck." Andrea quickly pointed out to Jessica, a little defensively. "I was born on the USS Arlington, from a young age. Lived with both of my parents, on various assignments over the years." Andrea quickly said. She found her childhood to be boring, depriving of fun. She felt that she had a structure life.

“Were there other kids on board,” Jessica asked her. “Did you go on adventures through the decks of the ship?”

"No diferent than any other ship in the fleet. Sure we have our adventures. But that was so many years ago." Andrea started to smile, as she started to think of her childhood, but she considered it pretty average, pretty boring.

“I remember when I was young I always looked to the stars and would wish I was on a ship in an adventure,” Jessica smiled. “I am sure there were others dreaming they were on a planet.”

"I think its what makes Starfleet, appealing." Andrea pointed out to her dear friend Jessica. It was the main reason, why she drawn to join Starfleet.

“I love being out here,” Jessica replied with a smile. “And glad to be in this ship.” She looked over at the guys. “And that they are here.”

"They do make the passage of time, more enjoyable." Andrea said, trying to be funny. She was very happy to have Harley in her life.

“They are very entertaining,” Jessica said with a laugh. “Imagine how bored we would be otherwise.” She looked over at Gregory, glad that he had come into her life. She had feelings for him and looked forward to them getting closer.

"I prefer not too, I am just glad we both found good man." Andrea said, as she raised a glass. "Here's to having a good man in our life!" She said, as she raised her glass.

Jessica held hers up. “I will drink to that and the friendship we have made.” She touched hers to Andrea’s and took a drink.

The two ladies, continued to chat at the table as the scene starts to fade away. "This is exactly, what I needed." Andrea said, with a big grin.


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