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Impromptu plans, part 2

Posted on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 12:58am by Lieutenant Andrea Winston & Lieutenant Commander Harley Jackson
Edited on on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 1:10am

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Timeline: MD004 1745 hrs

Andrea followed Harley, wondering where they were off too on their impromptu date? She was eager to find out.

“Now that we’ve eaten,” Harley said with a smile. “How do you feel about going sailing with me? I remembered you saying you liked the outdoors and I set up a program for us. We can go swimming and spend the night on the boat.”

"Sailing, do I look like a sailing type of girl to you?" Andrea asked, with a big grin on her face. She was half sincere with her question.

“You actually look like white water rafting and love the outdoors and sports, swimming is one of your favorites.” Harley said with a smile. “Which is why I chose sailing. We can go swimming out in the water.”

"Someone has been doing his homework. I am impressed." Andrea said with a big grin on her face. She loved white water sports, she heard the Captain did too. She was happy to hear, he did as well. Maybe they could all go together down the road.
“I want to do some things you enjoy and that won’t cause my heart to stop beating,” Harley grinned. “We can give me a heart attack on rapids another day.”

Andrea just grinned for a moment. Then she went on to say. "It's really not that scary, if we are being honest, its 2 mins of excitement and 58 minutes of boredom, waiting to get to the next rapid. The fun is in the friendships and the drinking." Andrea suggested to him.

“How about sailing and swimming tonight,” Harley said with an easy smile. “And I will go on the rapids with you next time.”

"Sailing, and swimming?" Andrea said, with a big grin. Someone had romance on the mind, she was debating should she?

She knew what he wanted, not the first time someone had tried this move before. She was curious, was he smoother at delivering the pick up lines, that would potentially lead to sex?

Harley could see she was debating. “I will be honest I am hoping to have time for us to become more intimate but I have no expectations other than spending time with you. This is how we get to know each other more, spending time together.”
"I see, a little confident but humble I see." Andrea pointed out to him. She made it sound skeptical, but deep down she liked it. His confidence and humbleness.

“And honest,” Harley added with a smile. “You know me I will never assume or ask for more than you are comfortable with.”

"A trait that I love." Andrea said, with a big grin on her face. As the Scene starts to fade away.

Andrea was now on the sailing boat with Harley. "I never knew, you knew how to sail?" She said with a big grin on her face.

“I grew up on a starship,” Harley explained. “When I was a teenager my father was promoted and sent to headquarters. During the summer between school years I went sailing with a couple friends. I started out fumbling but by the time we came home I was as good as they were.”

"What's it like to go sailing?" Andrea asked, trying to be polite. She really had no feelings about sailing, before today, she had never thought of it.

“Out on the open seas,” Harley smiled. “Just you and the water is kind of freeing. Only you and the water. How fast you travel depends on the wind. It is a lot of fun and relaxing.”
"Have you taken any ladies with you on these maiden voyages of yours?" Andrea was wondering.

“This will be my first outside of family,” Harley admitted. He smiled at her. “So in answer you are the first.”

"I feel honored, then." Andrea said, as she looked at the boat. "She is a beautiful vessel."

“Our lives have been in a fast track since we came on board,” Harley replied. “I wanted an evening where we could relax with nothing interfering.”

"That would be the ideal outcome, but if history teaches us anything. It's the Klingons do not like the words relaxing and non interference." Andrea pointed out to him.

“They don’t,” Harley agreed. “But this evening will not change the outcome, if there is an emergency then the program will end and off to work we go.”

"Can I ask you something?" Andrea asked, before waiting for a response she stopped him and kissed him.

Harley was going to say yes and then she went and kissed him. He kissed her back and smiled when they parted. “Ask away.” He said with emotion in his voice.

"That was the question." Andrea said, with a big grin on her face. She wanted to kiss him. "But if I have to come up with a question, do you think we will run into the Klingons during our first mission out as crew. Well our first real mission. Helping the USS Aries crew, technically counts, but that was more of a rescue than a mission." Andrea pointed out to Harley.

“I am quite certain we will,” Harley nodded. “They will want to assess us as well as try to intimidate and throw their weight around.” He smiled at her. “I like your questions.”

"Do you?" Andrea asked, thinking to herself, that he just liked hearing her voice. She could probably say anything, he would like it. She could tell he was a little hooked on her. Not that she minded, she felt the same way.

“I like every thing about you,” Harley admitted. “Especially your honesty. It is something I have struggled with in the past. I seemed to make poor choices.”

"They all could not be that bad, you are after all First Officer of the USS Pioneer." Andrea pointed out to him.

“Not all of them,” Harley admitted. “But you have become to mean a lot to me.”

"And you mean the world to me as well, I would be lying if I tried to deny that." Andrea said, feeling very vulnerable, and emotionally compromised. Talking about their feelings, made her a little on edge. Her last relationship, ended badly. But that was the past, and Harley was not like him, at all.

Harley sensed they were getting a little too deep for her. "You ready to explore the water with me?" He was anxious to get away with her and just spend some time together.

"Your ready to go sailing?" Andrea asked with excitement in her voice. She wondered, what it would be like to go sailing. If this went well, next shore leave they had, maybe they could spend time on a sail boat.

"You bet I am," Harley grinned. "I want us to explore the things each other likes to do. I know I love the water and you've mentioned the same. I want to broaden my horizons and try some things I never have before. What do you think?"

"I have a feeling, we will be given that opportunity." Andrea suggested to him, with a big grin on her face.

Harley thought back to the first time he saw her and they ended up eating together. It must have been fate. "I am so glad we ended up on this ship together. You get me in ways no one ever has."

"Well I am happy to hear that, because I feel the same way. I don't know why, but the moment I saw you, I thought there was something about you, and I wanted to meet you." Andrea pointed out to him. In her eyes, it was fate that brought them together on the USS Pioneer.

"I've been told that when you see the one for you that you will know it," Harley said with a smile. "I always thought it was a made up story to feed the romantic in all of us but when I saw you, staring at me I knew I had to go over and talk to you."

"Well I am glad you did." Andrea said to him, knowing for a fact she was manipulating him to seeking her out. He might have felt like it was his call, but she was telling him to focus on her, and to talk to her.

Harley grinned. “I’m glad that didn’t weird you out. I just haven’t ever felt like this before.”

"Not at all, the heart wants, what the heart wants. I knew what my heart wanted. So did you, no reason to feel wierd about it." Zoey pointed out to him. There was nothing wrong with having feelings.

“You’re right,” Harley nodded with a smile. “I have been told before that I can be a little cheesy when I say things.”

"Cheesy is not necessarily a bad thing." Andrea said, as the scene starts to fade away, with Andrea giving Harley a kiss.


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