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A New Era

Posted on Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 @ 12:31am by Ekrohk Son of Oklorgh
Edited on on Sun May 31st, 2020 @ 5:31am

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Great Hall, Qo'noS
Timeline: MD004 0900 hrs

It had been a little over 8 hours since Captain Ekrohk, Son of Oklorgh, had been recalled from his patrol of the Federation/Klingon Armistice Zone. While he normally would've hated to be pulled away from his duties guarding the borders of the Empire to be called to meet directly with the High Chancellor was an honor. At least that's what it was supposed to be.

Ekrohk's mate was the Daughter of the late Chancellor Brotak. While he had never been a fan of his father in law, he had respected his place as the leader of the House of Koloth. To have been murdered by the Arbiter of Succession - a person he had appointed to the role no less - and the p'tak Mogh, Son of Worf to have been installed was a grave dishonor toward not only his family but the Empire itself. Mogh was a puppet of the Federation and soon they would all see it. The loss of Chancellor Krenek was a devastating one more and more each day.

"Captain Ekrohk of the IKS Mu'vetlh."

Ekrohk smilled at the name of his vessel. Originally named the Narendra, the Mu'vetlh was part of a series of vessels that were meant to solidify a new future for the galaxy: the Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser. A hybrid of the stylings and efforts of the Federation and the Klingon Empire, the Khitomer was a vessel designed jointly to help usher in a new era of peace. When he first saw the Narendra, with her Saucer shaped command hull and Klingon inspired drive section, he wanted to puke. Over the years she had grown on him though - especially after it performed exceptionally in all of its trials. All the successes of the design made so many hopeful for a unified future between the Federation and the Klingons.

He had been one such person. Growing up he was raised as a warrior with the intention that he would be a leader of the Empire. He studied war and conquest from the best instructors that the Empire had to offer. He'd read all the greats from Kahless to Kor, but he'd resolved himself to study the teachings of the Federation as well. While they had once been the Empire's greatest enemies, they had been friends at the time. It made them all the more intriguing. They had seduced him with their teachings, made him a fan of theirs, but then he saw the Federation for what it truly was. A cancer upon the galaxy best left excised.

"Captain thank you for coming," it was the loathsome voice of Chancellor Mogh.

"Your call was urgent, Chancellor," Ekrohk answered honestly. "I would not delay in such an important matter. To do so would be a dishonor."

Mogh nodded along, looking more like a child playing dress up than the leader of the Klingon Empire. "We have an urgent mission that requires a warrior of your talents."

Ekrohk hoped for a moment that it was to slit the Chancellor's throat, but quashed the thought just as quickly as it came. Mogh wasn't that honorable a person. "I'm listening."

A holographic replica of a starsystem appeared above the Seal of the Klingon Empire between the Captain and the Chancellor. Ekrohk immediately identified the system from the unique ring system, but it couldn't be. There were two many planets.

The Chancellor spoke, "Are you familiar with the Trimble System?"

"I am," he answered in the affirmative. "But I fail to understand why you are showing me this fabrication of their system," he looked at the holograms, walking inward to stand at the edge of Klingon territory in the replica.

"This is the Trimble System as it currently stands," Mogh informed from his chair. "For some unknown means a new world has appeared in this system - a world of unlimited wealth and resources that are vital to our Empire. I want you to recover it for us."

Ekrohk rolled his eyes, "Is that all you think of me? A buccaneer sent to steal swag?"

Mogh sighed, "No. I think of you as a leader, a leader whom I have chosen for this critical mission to help secure our Empire for the future. I am naming you Military Governor of the Xarantine Sector and assigning you to capture this world for us."

The Son of Oklorgh was genuinely surprised. Mogh had been a Federation puppet, assigned this role after a weakling Federationer killed his kin in cold blood, yet here he was ordering what could become a military offensive against the Federation. Xarantine was once a Klingon controlled sector. Over time it had been lost to them and recovered by the Federation. Now though most of it was unclaimed space, contested by both and home to the Armistice Zone. A region that passed through the Trimble System.

"I am a mere Captain, Chancellor. The High Command would never agree to allow you appoint me to be Governor."

Mogh laughed, "Are you afraid to make challenge against the Federation?"

"I am afraid of no one," he spat back at the Chancellor. "I am merely saying that you would find it a challenge among the leaders of the Great Houses of the Empire if you appointed a Captain to serve as a military governor."

"You sound like a Ferengi, jockeying for a promotion with minutiae. I am not afraid of the High Council and I also know that I have a target on my back the size of the Azure Nebula. Which is why I am not going to incite their wrath by appointing a Captain to serve as Military Governor. I am appointing a Brigadier. You are hereby promoted to Brigadier General in your new role as Military Governor of the Xarantine Sector."

For the first time since he'd gotten here, Ekrohk was speechless. Was this a genuine promotion or was it a setup to get rid of a political enemy? He looked at the Son of Mogh, carefully considering how to proceed. He could refuse, return to his ship, and face the dishonor of refusing an order of the Chancellor. The other option was accept and take the chance of failure, furthering his own dishonor due to his failure against the Federation. Gre'thor bound either way.

"I accept."

"Excellent," the Chancellor's pointy teeth shown in his smile. "Go to the Ty'Gokor shipyard and requisition a new ship. You are going to need more firepower for this one."

This time he knew to make challenge, "That I must decline."

Mogh turned quickly, "You what?"

"I will take the Mu'vetlh, Chancellor," the Son of Oklorgh replied.

"That old rust bucket? It's hardly befitting a Military Governor," Mogh challenged, sounding a bit impetuous for a former General who had even served at Brotak's side.

Ekrohk was having none of it, "The Mu'vetlh has served me well through these years. It has tricks up its sleeves and will not let me down. Of that you can be certain."

There was a pause on the part of the Chancellor as he was clearly mulling over the decision. Would he push his own agenda or would he relent to that of his new General?

"Take your ship and bring glory to the Empire!"

"Yes, Chancellor," the new Brigadier answered with a smile.


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