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It's later, Part 3

Posted on Thu Apr 2nd, 2020 @ 7:10pm by Ensign Zach Christain & Ensign Una Park

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Holodeck One
Timeline: MD003 1720 hrs

“Oh I am very creative,” Zach grinned. “As you can tell just sitting there. I say go big or go home.”

"And how has that worked out for you in the past?" Una asked, with a curious look on her face. She assumed 50% of the time. He was single before meeting her.

“To be honest,” Zach said with a sheepish grin. “I have never gone big on a date before.”

"Why is that?" She asked, wondering why he would go all out for her, but not the girls that came before her!

“I don’t know,” Zach replied honestly. “I have asked myself the same question.”

"Then if I may follow that up, why me?" Una asked, wondering why her. And was he a creepy stalker, since she was the first. His next response, would determine that.

“The first thing I thought when you spoke to me was that I liked your personality,” Zach replied. “You are confident and yet we’re friendly. Then, I don’t know I could just feel like we were going to be good friends and maybe, if things seemed to be going that way maybe more down the road.” He took a deep breath. “I realized that I was crossing the bridge I hadn’t even come to yet so I decided to take you on a date and we could see where it would go from there.” He smiled at her. “This was where I wanted to bring you because it helped shape who I am today.”

"Confident, boy I fooled you." Una suggested, trying to be humble. She was only confident, to keep him from digging to close to her background. She knew men, liked confident and aggressive ladies. He clearly did.

Zach smiled at her. “That is the point you didn’t fool me at all. I know exactly who you are.” He looked off in the distance. “You’re a woman who likes herself and isn’t afraid to speak up if something doesn’t sit well with you. Honest with solid integrity.”

Una wanted to correct him on the honesty, but she did not want to blow her cover. "I try to be." Una said, hoping that would dis-way him, from asking more about her honesty.

"And there you have it," Zach grinned. "Why I brought you here and wanted to have a date on the river. Tell me, Una, are you glad you came with me or am I scaring you off?"

"Have not decided yet." Una said, leading him on a little bit, but giving herself an escape if she needed it. She was polite and very friendly about it.

“Then let’s just sit back and enjoy the evening,” Zach murmured. He couldn’t get a read on her, did she like the date or not but time would tell.

Una liked the subterfuge she was applying to him. Till she made up her mind, she was taking the precautions approach for herself. "I would like that." Una said, as she gave him a loving smile.

“Look at that Church,” Zach pointed to the steepled building. “It was standing before automobiles were invented.” It looked beautiful with the soft lights shining on it. “Imagine all the history there.”

"What do you know of its history?" Una asked, curious to see if his love for the building was cosmetic or based on historical facts.

“It is called, Basilica di San Pietro. One of the churches designers was Michelangelo. It has renaissance architecture that is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It houses the tombs of several popes including St. Peter.”

"Don't stop, your on a roll." Una suggested to him, with a big grin on her face. She was curious, what else he knew.

Zach smiled. “You want to know more about the church, let me see.” He paused for a moment. “It has exquisite paintings in it that are centuries old. Walking inside makes you feel like you have traveled back in time.”

"So you have been inside the church, are you a religious man or more in it for the history of the building?" Una asked, surprised to see his enthusiasm for the building.

“I love the architecture,” Zach explained. “It is beautiful and they have some amazing paintings.”

"I would love to see it up close, can we get a tour?" Una asked him, hoping to see up close, what he liked about this place.

“Yes,” Zach nodded and signaled the boat driver to stop so they could get out. He got off first and held out his hand to Una. “Here, let me help you.”

Una took the gentleman's hand, and stepped onto the pier. "Where to Zach." She asked, curious what he had planned next.

“The Church is open,” Zach replied. “I am going to take you inside so you can see it.” He led the way to them doors. “They aren’t locked until midnight.

"Can't wait to see what has you so excited." Una said, as she walked with him inside the church.

Zach couldn’t wait to see her expression when she saw the architecture. From beautiful paintings to the hand carved decorations and statues.

"Which is your favorite?" Una asked, as she started to look around with Zach.

“I like that painting do the Countryside. When I first saw it I had to go see it in person. Looking at it is like standing in that field.” He led her over to the back pews. “Look at the detail in the sides. They took great detail in carving religious symbols in them.”

"It is church, would expect nothing less. But from an artist standpoint, its pretty cool to look at." Una said, as she loved watching his enthusiam. She could see it was sincere.

“Look at the bell tower,” Zach led her up to the front and pointed. “It still works, I would ring it but it is quite loud.”

"Let's not do that then, we dont want to blow out our ear drums, and have to explain to the doc, why we did that." Una suggested to him.

Zach laughed. “That is true. We need to stay on their good side.” He looked around. “You want to look around some more here or go see if we can get something to drink or maybe a dessert?”

"I have no preference, I am enjoying seeing something your so passionate about, this is a rare look into the personal life of someone." Una told him.

“Then let’s go,” Zach said with a smile. “It is a little bit of a walk but I want to share something with you.”

Una grinned as she reached out for his arm. "Where are we off to next in our little adventure?" Una asked, with a big playful grin. she was rather enjoying this night. So far!

“It is a surprise,” Zach said as they walked. He led her towards the center of the town where a fountain sat which was beautifully carved. All around the area were pots of flowers and you could smell them in the air. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a penny he had replicated earlier. “Close your eyes and make a silent wish and throw it in the fountain. The story goes that if you tell no one your wish will come true.”

"I hope its a good surprise, those I don't mind. I just hate the surprises that causes me any type of harm." Una pointed out to him. She meant what she said.

“There is no harm,” Zach assured her. “I wanted to show you this fountain and have you make a wish before we go seen it.”

"The fountain is a holographic recreation, if you are sending me to a wishing well, are you sure it's affects will work this far out?" Una asked him.

“You won’t know unless you try,” Zach said after pausing for a moment. “Besides, I think it’s more for the fun of doing it and wishing. We make our own destinies.”

"I did not say I would not try, just saying its best not to get your hopes up. It's a holographic recreation." Una countered back to him.

“Understood,” Zach grinned. “I will never know if it is fulfilled because you can’t tell me or it blows the whole idea behind it.”

"Which is kind of silly, when you think about. Is it really a wish, if you are not allowed to talk about it at all?" Una asked Zach, curious to hear what he was going to say.

“That is a good question,” Zach grinned. “But I didn’t create the legend it was done centuries ago when this fountain was first put in. I mean if you want to tell me I am not going to complain.” He smiled at her wondering what she would wish for.

"I thought we were going so you could make a wish." Una said, as she held onto his arm. They continued to make their way over to the wishing well.

“I wanted you to experience it,” Zach explained. “I have thrown many pennies into that fountain.”

"Have any of your wishes come true?" Una asked, curious to hear what he was going to say.

“A few of them but you know I can’t say for certain if it’s because of the fountain or my drive to succeed.” Zach replied. “Joining Starfleet was one, I was unsure what to do with my life and throwing that coin in gave me the courage I needed.”

"So its more symbolic, than practical for you." Una asked, trying to make sure she understood. She liked the symmetry of what he was saying.

“Yes,” Zach nodded. “I mean if it really happened then all wishes would come true and how would that work it two people wished for opposite things?”

"You mention a few of them came true, care to share which ones?" Una asked, being a little nosy to learn more about his wishes.

“I wished to stay in the foster home I was in until I was eighteen and that came true,” Zach said after thinking for a moment. “And I wished once to wait for the right person to come along and not rush into a relationship.”

"Either of those happen for you?" Una asked, curious about the ladder. What story did he have to tell. She was intrigued about his past.

“I stayed with that family until I graduated.” Zach said with a smile. “They encourages me to follow my dreams and helped me realize I could break the generational curse.”

"What generational curse?" Una asked. She wondered what family superstition his family had? She found it adorable that they even had a superstition, a curse as he called it.

"My parents were drifters," Zach explained. "Once I was born they ditched me to a relative, who took care of me until they grew tired and I was put in the foster care system. When I was a teenager I did some research and discovered that they continued on that way until they were killed in an accident due to their excessive partying. My father came by his life from his own Dad. Breaking the curse means I won't be like them when I make my life."

"Drifters, so your telling me your damaged goods, this is not really a big turn on." She said sarcastically, she was mainly teasing him. She wondered which relative raised him.

“I would have been except I landed in a really good foster home,” Zach said with a smile. He didn’t believe she would hold his past against him. “I consider them my family, they are decent people and I am the man I have become because of them.”

"You are one of the few fortunate kids. I have heard of horror stories about foster care programs." Una said, wondering what it was like. She wanted to ask, but she was not going to pry.

“I am,” Zach agreed. “And I am thankful for it. I saw others come and go. Angry and too far gone.” He would always feel fortunate.

"How did you stay grounded? A lot of kids loose hope, but you seem to be pretty grounded." Una asked, a little confused, how he was able to over come this tragic event in his life.

“My foster mom mostly,” Zach confessed. “She basically sat me down and talked to me, told me the paths I could take and what could happen.” He looked at her. “I just didn’t want to end up like them and she suggested the fleet.”

"So your adopted Mom, was she in Starfleet?" Una asked. She was curious, why his adoptive mother, would suggest Starfleet to him.

“She served for a time on a ship,” Zach replied. “But her husband passed away and she resigned to raise their children. I heard many stories around the dinner table about her time serving.” He grinned. “Made me want to experience it.”

"Despite loosing your father, your mothers convictions about Starfleet made you want to join, amazing." Una said, a little surprised to hear that. She was use to most, making that a reason to quit.

“It sounds crazy I know,” Zach nodded. “But it is As simple as that. I went to the academy found my calling and here I am.”

Una was really curious about him. "Yes, your you are. Now that you're here what are your intentions?"

Zach looked at her for a long moment. Was she referring to his position on the ship or here with her on a date? He decided it was more than likely a two edged question so he would answer both. "As a member of the crew and a science officer I am hoping that in our travels we will meet some new species and explore new worlds. While we aren't I will be working of projects within science, which I really love." He paused then. "As for you, my intentions are to ask you out again and see where we go from there, I have no plan."

Una was not buying that. His answer was to planned out, and he practically gave her a story for an explanation. that was to well rehearsed, she thought. "I see." Una said, with a soft voice, trying not to show him, that she was onto his bs. She assumed he was hoping for some physical contact.

Zach sensed a change in her and didn’t know why. He shrugged it off and smiled at her. “Where would you like to go next?” He hoped he hadn’t somehow blown the date, said something stupid.

"Aren't you leading me around?" Una asked a little confused. She was wondering why he was buckling now. Maybe her first impressions were not accurate, or was she being to sensitive?

“I wasn’t certain if there was somewhere you had always wanted to go here,” Zach explained. “It is a historically famous place. We can just continue walking, it is a beautiful night.”

"Well lead the way, lets see where the night takes us." Una said, as she motioned for him to lead.

Zach walked beside her and smiled as they came to a park with flowers blooming. “I love that smell.”

"Holodeck does a pretty good interpretation of their scented aroma." Una said, with a grin on her face, as she smelled them as well.

“It does,” Zach grinned. “And a bit of memory mixed in.” He looked over at her. “I am glad you are having a good time.”

"Me too, otherwise this would be quiet dull." Una said, as the scene starts to fade, with the two of them taking a tour.

The End


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