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It's later, Part 2

Posted on Thu Apr 2nd, 2020 @ 7:10pm by Ensign Zach Christain & Ensign Una Park

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Holodeck One
Timeline: MD003 1710 hrs

Una walked into the holodeck, "Where have you taken me, Zach?' Una asked with a big grin on her face.

“Computer engage program 47832.” Zach turned to her as they were suddenly on the Rivera. Italian music could be heard coming from up the street. He turned to Una and smiled. “Ready to get some dinner, I know this restaurant that has really good pasta.”

"It's beautiful, and yes." Una said, wondering if she should hold his arm. This was a very romantic place. She decided, why not. Go all in, or go home. Was her philosophy.

Zach was surprised and pleased that Una took his arm. He had chosen a romantic place on purpose because he liked her and wanted her to know it.

"I have not been to Italy, since I was child." Una started to say. She took a long look around at the riverwalk.

“It has been years for me as well,” Zach said his eyes followed hers. “Isn’t it beautiful here.”

"It is, so if I may ask. Why did you choose this location?" Una asked, as they started to walk the Riverwalk. He was right, it was very beautiful.

“Honestly,” Zach replied quietly. “It is far removed from where we work and live. People here are just easy going and relaxed. I felt like it was a place we could let go and be ourselves.”

"Its a holographic recreation, everyone can be easy going and relax. What I want to know, and you have to admit that you could chose anywhere, yet you chose here. Why?" Una asked, wanting a real answer.

“I love this place,” Zach admitted. “I spent a summer here, just relaxing and enjoying myself without a care in the world.” He looked at her, she asked and demanded a lot of answers.

"What did you do for a whole summer?" Una asked, being a little nosy. Surely he had to have some answers.

“I made some friends,” Zach replied. “Ate a lot of Italian, investigated the towns and met a woman named Gina.”

"Met a woman, you say." Una asked, wondering why he brought that up, especially on a first date. Not a good idea, Una thought to herself.

“She was an older woman,” Zach explained. “Like the grandmotherly type. “I stayed in her loft for most of the summer and took care of her property. It gave me great memories and I wanted you to see it.”

"Well lets go then." Una said, as she motioned with her hand, for him to lead the way. Where was he taking her. This night so far was becoming fun, and an adventure, was lurking near by.

“First to dinner,” Zach said. “Then we will go on a ride down the Riveria and from there I am letting you choose. We can go for a walk and check out the history or we can go dancing.”

"A lot of good choices, I'll let you decide. Since you planned out this date." Una said, as she continued to hold his arm. This was a very sweet gesture.

“We will be investigating the city then,” Zach smiled. He wanted to see it through Una’s eyes.

"Investigating you say?" Una said with a surprised look on her face. She assumed he meant explore.

“As in checking it out,” Zach smiled. “Seeing the history and finding some places we may want to visit when we have a long time to be here.”

"Someone is a little hopeful, isn't he?" Una said with a big grin. She liked the idea, just a little premature.

Zach smiled at her.”I am, I felt a connection when I met you and I am enjoying just being with you.”

"A connection, you say?" Una asked a little suspicious. That was a little fast, she thought to herself. Not that she minded.

“Like I thought you were cute and I like your personality,” Zach explained. “I want to get to know you better.”

"I think you are cute too. And I like your personality too. I have a good feeling about you. Which says a lot for me. I normally think most men are after one thing." Una suggested to him. She knew deep down, he probably wanted sex too. But She had a feeling he wanted more than sex.

Zach smiled at her. “Most men want that and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in it but I want to know you first and take our time.”

"Take our time, we only have one life to live Zach, not saying today but soon if you play your cards right." Una suggested with a wink in her face. She had a tendency to fall hard. Or she did in the past. She assumed this relationship would be no different.

“That is what I am talking about,” Zach mumured. “Not some time frame but when we know it will be right.”

"So your ready just like that?" Una suggested, purposely leading him on. She even used a cute seductive voice.

“Just like that?” Zach replied, looking over at her. “For...?” His eyes widened. “You are teasing me!”

"Do you want me to tease you?" Una asked, as she started to lay it on a little thicker. She had a playful grin on her face.

Zach grinned. “Sure go ahead but I give as good as I get. We can see who wins this challenge.”

"I am not a trophy, a challenge to defeat. If that is all this is to you. We can go back to your slow archaic way of chivalry." Una suggested to him.

“I wasn’t thinking you were,” Zach denied. “I don’t want you thinking that. It was more joking with you.”

Una had him where she wanted him, on his feet. She loved playing head games. Kept things fresh, and challenging. "Glad to hear it." She responded, leaving it open end on purpose.

Zach sighed in relief. “So you up for the ride on the river,” He asked. “Or would you rather walk along it.”

"A ride up the river, sounds promising. What did you have in mind?" Una asked, curious how he planned on pulling this off.

“Let’s go then,” Zach took her hand and walked towards the river where a man stood next to a small boat. He smiled at her. “I was hoping you would say yes, he will take us for a moonlight ride.”

Una reached for his hand, a gesture of by your lead. She was curious to learn more about his moonlight ride, she wondered who he was. "You have sparked my curiosity Zach, I am impressed." Una said, with a big grin.

Zach led her up to the boat and helped her in. He took a seat beside her and settled in. The sun was setting as their boat started down the Grand Canal with their host paddling. “Feels like we’ve gone back in time.”

"I'm okay with that." Una said, with a big smile, as she sat down on the boat. It was very small, but very cozy feeling.

“We will get to see some beautiful parts of the city this way,” Zach murmured as his eyes were on her.

"You have thought of everything, haven't you?" Una asked with a big grin on her face. She loved the fact, he went through all of this effort. For the moment she forgot how apprehensive she was earlier, about this date night.

“I wanted to have a nice evening with you,” Zach said with an easy smile. “Something you won’t forget easily.”

"Being with you, is something I wont forget." Una said, trying to sound cute and romantic. She hoped it was not to much.

Zach felt good about this. He had been nervous it would be too much. “You know on our next date so won’t be able to top this, getting a holodeck very often isn’t easy.”

"There are plenty of places on the Pioneer to have a date, I guess you will have to get creative for our next date." She slightly hinted at him, letting him know, there was going to be a date number two. She assumed the rest of the night was going to go this smoothly.

To be continued....


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