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"What's Next....Confrontation or War?"

Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 @ 6:34pm by Captain Adria Solwick & Lieutenant Commander J'Lena G'rall House of Morlag

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD004 1330 hrs


J'Lena received a message from home that caused her great concern. Some of the great houses were beginning to grumble and small fights broke out between some of them. The house of Morlag had been attacked and there were injuries but none fatal. =/\= Captain, J'Lena here, I need to speak with you urgently. I just received news from home and it isn't good=/\= J'Lenna said quickly.

"Where are you now?" Adria asked, as she continued to work on a report, she was about to give to Starfleet Command. It was nothing special, just a status update request. Command of a ship is nice, but the logistical paperwork behind it, was not as nice.

"Currently in my quarters," J'Lena said still reading the communique from home and none of it good.

"Understood, do you mind if I stop by?" Adria asked, as she started to make her way over to the quarters of her chief engineer. She wanted J'Lena to help her establish contact with the Klingon Empire.

"By all means captain I will be expecting you" she said. What was received was not good news at all. There was an internal struggle between the great Houses including her own. Her father was embroiled in an heated argument in the High Council with three other Houses and if it wasn't settled soon it would result in a split of the Empire yet again. Her mother also had her hands full arguing with disgruntled KDF captain's on the priority of ship repairs. It was making problems all over the empire and making J'Lena very worried about the stability of the region.

Adria wasted very little time, heading over to the quarters of J'Lena. Adria was curious, to see how her quarters were decorated. She assumed maybe a bat'leth, a couple of daggers, maybe a house crest or the Klingon symbol. She was trying not to be stereotypical, but it was hard, when she had no idea, what Klingon fashion and sense, where about. Adria tapped on the intercom. "It's Captain Solwick." Adria called out.

"Come in captain", J'Lena said closing her computer.

Adria walked in, and immediately had a look around. The room was an average design for a senior staff member of the USS Pioneer.

"Help yourself to the replicator while I try to explain what Dad has told me about the dissension within the Empire", J'Lena said. This was not going to be easy with her father's position and that of her Uncle's either, both being on the council and her Aunt being the Klingon ambassador.

The room had a few trinkets here and there. "I am all ears, as the human's would say." Adria said to J'Lena. She wondered deep down, where the Klingon's in favor of another alliance, or in favor of conquering and returning to their old ways.

"There is civil unrest in the Empire. Many of the Great Houses are taking sides and small fights have broken out. My own House was attacked and fortunately there were no fatalities. My father and uncle say that the High Council has convened for an emergency meeting. The chancellor is dead set on doing another alliance but there are those that resent the idea and want to return to the old ways of conquering worlds" J'Lena said sadly.

"Is this civil unrest going to be issue for you?" Adria asked, trying to be fair to her chief engineer. "The Federation will see to side with the houses that seek an alliance. We are not interested in another long dragged out with the Empire." Adria pointed out to J'Lena. She hated to ask again, but she needed to make sure. She knew that J'Lena swore an oath to the Federation, but this was her race, her people. She could understand how the lines might become blurred.

"Captain, when I became an officer in Starfleet, I swore to protect and serve the UFP. I am also bound by my own Klingon race, first and fore most, however, in this crisis, because my House and the Chancellor are together on this, have no fear, this will not cause a problem" J'Lena stated proudly. "I am both proud to serve Starfleet and the Empire together for the common good" she added.

"Glad to hear it Commander, I just wanted to be fair to you. I care about all of my crew, and would not order them to cross the line with their own culture. I hope I do not have to give that order, but I do, at least I can take solice that you are here taking on this mission, on your own accords." Adria said. She still felt bad.

"Not to worry captain and do not feel bad. This is not the first time I have had my loyalties questioned. It has been done before," J'Lena said, smiling at her captain and friend.

"Please call me Adria, in private. And it's me who is sorry. Unfortunately for me, as Captain of the Pioneer, I have to do somethings that make me feel uncomfortable. Like this situation. I hope we can move past it, I am very much looking forward to getting to know you, and hopefully become friends." Adria asked J'Lena. She wanted her to see her softer more vulnerable side. To show she was being sincere.

"Adria not to worry. I understand completely and, maybe we could have dinner some night soon. I make a mean rokeg blood pie and a wicked peach cobbler," J'Lena said smiling warmly.

"I like that idea. Let's plan on it. Just tell me what day works best for you." Adria said, with a big grin on her face.

"How about 1900 tomorrow?" J'Lena said smiling widely.

"That works for me, Commander." Adria said, as the scene starts to fade away.

"Agreed Captain. See you then, " J'Lena daid as she left.


Captain Adria Solwick
Commanding Officer
USS Pioneer


Lt. Cmdr. J'Lena G'rall
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Pioneer


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