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Impromptu plans, part 1

Posted on Tue Feb 25th, 2020 @ 9:48pm by Lieutenant Andrea Winston & Lieutenant Commander Harley Jackson

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Timeline: MD004 1700 hrs

Harley hasn’t been off work very long before he stopped outside the diplomatic office. He had been really busy yesterday and today. He missed being with her and had a surprise evening ahead of them.

Seeing her door was opened, he looked in and saw she was working hard on something in front of her.

“Hello beautiful,” Harley said as he walked over and sat down. “You almost done?”

"Your kidding right? Almost done? The Klingons are not a quick assignment, and its over." Andrea pointed out to him. She was a little surprised to see him.

“I was hoping to take you to dinner,” Harley confessed. Maybe you can come over for a while afterwards.”

"I like that idea." Andrea said, as she put down her pad. It would be waiting for her. They were still a few days out. Before they ran into the Klingons, if at all.

Harley grinned. He loved spending time with Andrea. The more he got to know her the more he wanted to take a more serious step.

“Good thing you said yes,” Harley admitted. “I have a surprise planned.”

"I like surprises. What do you have in mind?" Andrea asked, with a curious look on her face.

“Now if I told you,” Harley murmured. “It wouldn’t be a surprise would it?” He smiled to himself.

"Can't blame me for trying." Andrea said, eager to discover what the surprise was. What did Harley have planned for them.

“Do you want to stop so you can change or you good to go,”’Harley asked her. “I am in no hurry.”

"Well I am, let's get this night underway." Andrea suggested, with a big grin on her face, as she grabbed him by the hand.

“Okay then,” Harley smiled. As they walked down the corridor he took a turn to the command dining room where a table was set with fancy dishes, lit by candles. “I had Chef cook us a special dinner. I hope you were serious when you told me your favorite dinner.”

"Depends if you remembered what my favorite dinner is, to how serious I will be." Andrea said, in a teasing voice. She hoped he got this one right.

“You tell me,” Harley said, lifting the cover off the dish and showed her. He listened to everything she said and was pretty certain he got it right.

"What is it?" She teased him, with a big grin on her face.

“To quote you,” Harley replied. “I believe you said there is nothing better than a plate of beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes and gravy.” He looked at her with a smile.

"The man learns, good." Andrea suggested with a big grin on her face, as she looked over to him.

Harley’s eyes lit up as he pulled out a chair for you. “I intend to spoil you this evening.”

"I could get use to this." Andrea, said with a big grin on her face, as she sat down in the chair.

Harley took a seat across from her. He looked across at her for a long moment. “I apologize for being so absent as of late.”

"Here is your chance to make it up to me." Andrea said, as the scene starts to fade away.


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