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How well do you know the Klingons?

Posted on Thu Feb 27th, 2020 @ 5:28pm by Captain Adria Solwick & Captain Jack "Blackjack" Patton

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: CO Ready Room
Timeline: MD003 1400 hrs

"Sorry to call you in, I know you were training your marines." Adria said, with a slight concerned look on her face. She had an interesting conversation with her chief engineer. She was curious to learn what her marine commander, could tell her.

Jack stode into the Ready Room with a broad smile on his face. "Anytime I can help Ma'am. Is there anything that you need me or The Kingsmen to do for you or the ship?" He stood at attention just behind the chairs opposite her desk as he spoke. He felt this was an official request so the attention was warranted. Besides he knew that Meatball could handle the training.

"How much information or interactions have you had with the Klingon Empire?" Adria asked. As a Marine, if their had been any conflicts, more than likely the marines would have fought them. She was curious, what he could tell them. Adria had not had much contact with the Empire. Unlike her Mother. She once visited Qu'Nos. The Klingon Home World.

"Personally I have not had many dealings with Klingons on the battlefield. The only time I have fought them was the odd bar brawl. I will tell you this much. Klingons are relentless they will keep coming until they either win or die. Surrender is not in their nature, hell there isn't even a word for surrender in Klingon. But, do not let the lust for honor and battle fool you. They can be just as adept at negotiations and the political game." Jack had more knowledge of the Klingons however, he wanted to see where the Captain was going with this. This did not strike Jack as a normal conversation. The Captain was fishing for some piece of information in particular.

Adria once remembered a story, she heard a long time ago. That the Klingons would fight to the death. But when the fighting was over, she heard a rumor. "I heard that too, but rumor has it, that not Klingon honor is not like Human honor. To them, nothing is more honorable than victory."

"With all due respect Captain that is not true. There is one thing that is more honorable than victory. That is to die in battle, in service to one's empire as it were. To deny a Klingon the basic right to die in battle, that is to take them prisoner is to remove their honor entirely." Patton explained. "May I ask ma'am. Is there a particular piece of information that you need?"

Adria grinned for a moment. "During the 70's the USS Defiant encountered a destroyed cardassian fleet, that could have had potential survivors. Commander Worf, suggested that the Defiant not de-cloak, because there could be cloaked ships, lying in wait. Because according to him, there is nothing more honorable than victory. Now with that said, I take great pride in researching the empire, but I always welcome others opinions. The only thing I am looking for, is more data to be prepared, when we make contact with the Empire."

Jack was impressed for the moment. She knew her battle history, studied it in depth, and sought to learn from it. For a tactician like Jack Patton one could not ask for more from their superior officer. "I think to fully understand a Klingon one must understand where the Empire came from. The Empire was a group of warring houses striving to best one another. In fact it wasn't until outside threats came to be that the Empire unified. They still seek to one up each other, but this time it is through battle. How many victories can one get etc... My suggestion is if you view every dealing with a Klingon as if you are dealing with a bomb that can go off at any second you will be fine."

"The Empire is a viotile, I am surprised it has survived all these years." Adria said to Jack. "Beyond honor, they have a strong sense of conquest. The Federation's past has always been tricky with them. Seems like we get a long best with the Klingon's when they need an ally against a massive enemy fleet." Adria pointed out to her Marine Commander.

"That is true. We also get along with them because Starfleet in particular is the only fleet that has been proven worthy of honor. We have Captain Rachel Garrett and the USS Enterprise C to thank for that." Jack replied, he did not know what was fully going on here. But at this point he is pretty sure their next mission had something to do with Klingons.

"They did road a path for us to follow. As you know, relations with the empire has always been finicky. When it suits them, they will forge an alliance with us." Adria started off, and then went on. "Were being sent out, to see if we can forge a new alliance with them. Were testing the waters, so to speak. With the political shake up, Starfleet feels this might be the right time to tip the Klingons to being our allies again."

"Then if I can offer some advice. First never lie to them. Klingons pride themselves on honor and they find lying to be dishonorable. Secondly never back down, stick to your principles. When you first arrive they are going to challenge you to see if you are a worthy ally. Always prove that you are worthy, for if you do you will have the greatest of allies. One more thing never let them see you sweat." Jack spoke the last sentence with a smile on his face.

"Sounds like visiting an evil step mother with a bad attitude." Adria suggested, with a twisted grin of her own. The information, Jack was giving was very sound. She appreciated that.

"When it comes down to it Klingons are just like Humans in most ways. Although they would never admit to that. A Klingon who you have proven yourself to will be your staunchest ally, and in fact your best friend." Jack added.

Adria grinned, she had an idea, that he knew more than he initially said he did. "I will keep that in mind." Adria said, as she went on. "You have been most helpful. Since you have attention, anything you need from me?" Adria asked, she was getting ready to close out their meeting.

"No ma'am. The Kingsmen are all settled in to the Pioneer, and we are ready to go. Although there is one sort of personal thing to ask. Admiral Malbrooke... He seems very unapproachable to say the very least. Any reason for that?" Jack spoke with a small amount of concern. It had been his experience that when flag officers got despondent horrible things happened.

"I do not get that impression from him. Is there a particular reason, you want to seek an audience with the Admiral?" Adria asked, being a little noisy, but mostly curious, why he wanted to talk to Tyler Malbrooke.

"Oh nothing in particular. He has been touring the ship and keeping to himself. I have noticed that people would smile and say hello and he seems to avoid them. I was just curious if something happened to the Admiral. His history seems to indicate that he is highly approachable, so I wonder." Jack replied as he truly wondered if the Captain knew what was in the Admiral's head.

"One thing you should know about the Admiral is, he has been the Pioneer's last CO for thirty years. Might be hard on him to say goodbye, and the crew is trying to give him some space." Adria pointed out to Jack.

"Understood Captain. If it means anything the original Marine CO of the Pioneer's missions are standard teaching now in OCS." Patton replied with a smile. He would not admit it to anyone but he was kind of a fan of the original Pioneer's crew.

"I never met Tremble, is he still a Colonel? Though by now he would be a General or retired." Adria asked Jack, wondering how well, he knew Neill. She barely knew him, just heard stories.

"Indeed ma'am he is a Colonel. Most Marines are not cut out for the paperwork involved with wearing a star. Colonel Tremble is no different. He made sure he never got promoted past the bird. Much like how a lot of Captains never want to be promoted off of their ships. I am not sure where he stationed these days though." Jack said with a smile.

"I never understood that, I want to an admiral someday. Not any time soon. But someday." Adria admitted freely to him. There was no reason, to keep that to herself.

"I know that even if they put a star on my collar I will lead from the front lines. Just like my ancestor. But for now I am content being where I am. I am sure that we will add an exemplary chapter to the Pioneer's saga." Jack replied with a smile. He never really thought about becoming a General. However, now that he did think of it, it would be nice to follow in his ancestor's footsteps.

"I see this being the start to something great." Adria pointed out to him, as the scene starts to fade away.


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