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A Billion MPH

Posted on Thu Feb 20th, 2020 @ 2:40am by Lieutenant JG 1001 & Lieutenant JG 0110 & Lieutenant Commander J'Lena G'rall House of Morlag

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Engineering, USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002, 17:05

Having just finished with his meeting with Ensign Park, Lieutenant 0110 had decided that it was prudent to begin discussions of his equations with the new Chief Engineer. As he had yet to speak with the Chief it would also get the awkward small talk pleasantries out of the way now instead of waiting.

"I will be late to our quarters," 0110 send through his connection to his brother.

"Do you have a date?" 1001 snapped back nearly a second later.

"I do not date," 0110 corrected as he walked down the corridor toward the turbolift, "I am not the social one as you may remember. I am, in reality, meeting with the new Chief Engineer to discuss potential warp field equations."

0110 could almost hear 1001's snarky response, "That sounds sexy. You have fun with that."

"I do not have fun," 0110 answered.

1001 replied, "I know that better than anyone."

"You could attend if you wish to do so. As the Flight Controller the warp field equations are something with which you must be familiar," it was an invitation.

That was quickly denied, "No thanks. I have plans to watch paint dry. See ya later."

It took only a few seconds for the Turbolift to reach the Engine Room of the Pioneer. Lieutenant 0110 walked through the room studying each face and workstation. It was less crowded than he expected - due to the recent challenges that the Federation and Starfleet were facing each ship was functioning with essentially a skeleton crew aboard - but still had each primary positing manned.

The young Bynar rounded a corner toward the Chief Engineer's alcove. Seeing the Chief he greeted, "Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Zero One One Zero here to see Lieutenant Commander J'Lena G'rall."

J'Lenna almost toppled from her chair as she jumped at the voice. "Wha....who.....oh..oh..hello Lt. 0110," she said as she saw the Bynar standing there. "Um....I didn't hear you or sense you but welcome to engineering. How may I help you today?," she added, trying to smile as warmly as she could.

0110 stood with his hands behind his back - slightly bumping his processor as he stood at semi-alert. He questioned - not wanting to be wrong, "Are you Commander G'rall?"

"Yes Lieutenant, I am Cmdr. G'rall, but plesse call me J'Lenna, how can I help?" she said.

The Bynar opened a small pocket on his uniform and extracted a datapad from inside. He typed at the controls for a second before handing the unit over to the Chief, "I wanted to discuss warp field equations with you if you had time."

"Sure, I have a little time now. Let's get down to business 0110", J'Lenna said smiling and taking the PADD and looming at it. Interesting equations were written up. Reading through it, she nodded and was quite surprised by what she read. The equations were quite accurate and very impressive.

"Very impressive if I do say so myself. These equations are precise and correct, I could not do better myself," J'Lenna said cheerfully.

The Operations Manager added, "I have been analyzing the specifications and statistics of Starfleet One and the Coaxial Warp Drive of that vessel. I believe that we would be able to modify our Core to incorporate this advantage, but it would be better if you and I both spoke with the Captain regarding this possibility as it would take a Starbase visit."

"Well if it involves a visit to a Starbase, I guess I will have to go with you to the captain," J'Lenna said.

"Do you believe we have enough to support the project?" 0110 asked quickly and methodically.

"I think we do 0110. I think we do. I have heard about Starfleet One and her engines. I believe we can do it," J'Lenna said smiling.

The Bynar nodded, "My only concern is that the Federation will want to place us into Starbase for a period of time for the changes to be made. It would be a significant project and the border situation is a priority assignment for them at this time."

"If we can have all the specs and diagrams completed and the scenarios and have the simulations working properly it should get approved quickly...but I wonder if we could not begin the basic modifications ourselves?" J'Lenna said.

"The concern would be development of the harmonic resonance chamber," 0110 answered. "Because of the nature of the equations and the equipment that would be needed there is a potential that this could become a dangerous, subspace bomb if not properly attuned and completed. My calculations indicate that if we error in the development of this device and it were to detonate it would collapse subspace for a minimum of 1 billion kilometers."

"Very true but we could atleast start the ball rolling here never the less," J'Lenna said.

The Operations Manager for the Pioneer nodded, "I will continue to examine my equations and prepare for our meeting. Thank you for your time."

"My pleasure as always", J'Lenna looked at both Bynars.

Lt. Cmdr. J'Lenna G'rall
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Pioneer


Lieutenant JG 0110
Chief Operations Officer
USS Pioneer


Lieutenant JG 1001
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Pioneer


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