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You're late Chelsea

Posted on Tue Jan 28th, 2020 @ 8:23pm by Lieutenant Spencer Wolfe & Lieutenant Chelsea Grant

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Lounge
Timeline: MD002 2105 hrs

Chelsea felt a little rush, trying to keep everything in order. Tomorrow was the big day. The USS Pioneer, would be leaving the area, and engineering had to make sure everything was good to go.

The last use of the QSD, was a little turbulent. But within tolerant levels. Her new CEO, did not like the readings. So they had been working on them all day long.

Chelsea had promised herself, that she would stop by the lounge tonight by no later than 2100 hours. She wanted to give the presence she had a social life. But she had worked a long shift. In reality, she just wanted to call it a night, as she walked over to the bar and ordered a drink.

Spencer hadn’t been in the lounge very long, having just gotten his drink when he noticed the brunette come up to the bar and order a drink. His first thought was he wanted to meet her. He waited until she got her drink to speak.

“Hi,” he said with a smile. “Looks like we’re the late ones coming to the lounge.”

"I suppose its a matter of perception. Are we late, or did we arrive, when we were expected to arrive?" Chelsea asked, wondering where Harley was. She was expecting to see him.

“You make a point,” Spencer agreed. “I’m Spencer Wolfe, ships counselor.”

Chelsea wanted to be at home with her daughter. But she was told the crew wanted to get together for a drink. But she wondered where everyone was? She wondered why, of all people, was she talking with the counselor. She did not want to talk about her feelings, or how she raising her daughter on her own. She wanted to be treated no different than any other officer.

Spencer saw her looking around, she must be meeting up with someone. “It is hard being the new on a ship.” He said with a smile. “Especially in my profession, everyone thinks I’m judging them.”

"Are you judging them?" Chelsea asked, wondered what sort of pick up line that was? She thought it was adorable, he was flirting. But they all run, when she mentions, she has a kid.

“Never,” Spencer shook his head. “I try and put myself in their position so I have a true understanding of what they are going through. Then I can have empathy.”

"Why do you feel like, everyone thinks that you are judging them?" Chelsea asked a little confused. She had no idea, that he was the ship's counselor, just like he had no idea, that she had a kid.

“I am the counselor,” Spencer smiled. “So with that position comes the assumption I am trying to get in everyone’s head.”

"Here I thought you were just interested in woman for their looks." Chelsea said, with a big grin on her face. She hated that stereotype. She knew how he felt.

Spencer grinned as well. Chelsea didn’t seem to be phased by
his being a counselor. He liked that about her already. When he wasn’t working he didn’t want to assess anyone. He wanted to be just another crew member. “What do you do on the ship?”

"Assistant Chief Engineer." Chelsea said, with a smile on her face. She loved her job, and some day, she knew she would be the chief engineer. It was only a matter of time.

“Important job,” Spencer said with a smile. “You keep us afloat so to speak.”

"So far, but its only been two days, the engine is pretty new." Chelsea said. There was nothing she was doing to keep the ship a float.

“Still,” Spencer replied seriously. “I admire what you do. It takes both intelligence and quick thinking at times to keep them running, especially during a conflict.”

"Thanks, very nice of you to say." Chelsea said, liking the fact someone actually complimented the work she does for a living.

“Some would say I am too honest,” Spencer admitted. “I tend to say how I feel and sometimes it isn’t appreciated.”

"A counselor who needs to be honest, what a shocker." Chelsea suggested. Deep down she could believe it. But also deep down, she knew people needed to get over themselves, and accept the hard things they do not want to hear.

Spencer smiled. “I couldn’t agree more. But when someone is having issues after a mission they often think it’s my job to remove them from duty. Mostly, I just want to help them stay there if I can.”

"People have unusual expectations. That is for sure. I know how you feel, captain's always want engineers to preform the impossible." Chelsea said, as she started to recall some past experiences.

“Well you are the miracle workers,” Spencer grinned. “Always managing a little more power or when things look grim you manage to glue the ship together just in the nick of time.”

"I see." Chelsea said, wondering why he was laying it on thick. "May I ask a question of a personal nature?" She asked.

"Yes," Spencer nodded. "Ask me anything and I will do my best to answer it." He wondered what it was.

"Are you flirting with me, or psychoanalyzing me?" Chelsea asked. She was curious, which of the two options he was doing.

“Flirting,” Spencer shook his head. “I need to up my game since you couldn’t tell.”

"I see." Chelsea said, keeping a straight face. she was to guarded to show how she felt. "I have a daughter." Chelsea said, expecting to see him make a run for it.

“I love children,” Spencer replied. “And they generally like me. How old is she?”

"Do you have children?" Chelsea asked, finding it a little odd that he would make that comment. Why would he love children. Most men just ran.

“My brother and sister both have children,” Spencer explained. “They go crazy when I visit. It seems that I am the favored family member.” He smiled. “My brother says it is because I never grew up.”

Chelsea was not really impressed by that response. She did not want to take care of two children. She had no intention of being his new momma. "I see." Chelsea, said allowing him to continue to dig his own grave.

“I talk to children the way they want to be talked to,” Spencer explained. “That they are important and I will play board games and video games.” Her simple ‘I see’ made him feel like he had said something that annoyed her.

"I have to keep in mind, that you are a therapist, and work with children. Sorry If I got defensive. Purely instinctive." Chelsea said, trying to apologize. For a brief moment, she had forgotten he was a counselor.

“I am sorry if I came off kind of weird as well,” Spencer replied. “I just wanted to convey that you having a child doesn’t scare me because I like them.” He hoped that helped and didn’t dig the hole deeper.

"Children are fragile, and my little finally has stability. Before I can even consider any relationship, I need to have a sit down with her, and discuss this with her." Chelsea said, if he was serious, about this then he would understand.

“I get that,” Spencer nodded. “Children can get attached easily and she is your priority. Her opinion matters.”

"Indeed it does, so we are clear, we are not looking for a replacement father." Chelsea said, feeling bad that she was putting up barriers, but her classic defense was not working against him.

“Understood,” Spencer said quietly. “I would never try to take the place of her father. I am sure they would be hard shoes to fill.”

"Well get back to you." Chelsea said, with a small smile on her face. So far, he passed her tests. That only left her daughter's test. Could she convince her, to give this man a chance.

“Sounds good,” Spencer respected how she thought of her daughter and wanted to put her feelings into this. It showed a part of her character.

"I don't think the others are coming. I am going to call it a night." Chelsea said, as she got ready to leave. "Good night Spenser."

“I will see you later,” Spencer watched as she left. He hoped things went well and he would indeed see her again.


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