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Happy trails

Posted on Wed Jan 8th, 2020 @ 11:14pm by Captain Adria Solwick & Brendan Miles

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: MD003 1900 hrs

"Was starting to wonder, if you were going to show?" Adria suggested to Brendan as she waited by the holodeck.

“Sorry I am late,” Brendan apologized. “I got held up over a dessert but thank you for waiting for me.”

"It's only 1900, your on time." Adria pointed out to him, as she started to input data on a terminal, outside the holodeck. She had a big grin on her face.

“I like to be early,” Brendan replied. “I did some research on this, I am looking forward to this!”

"What did you learn?" Adria asked him, as she started up the holodeck program.

“We are going to be on a raft going through rough water,” Brendan grinned. “The secret is to stay put and not fall into the water.”

"Figured that one out, did ya?" She said, with a big barrel laugh. That was no secret, that was rafting basics 101.

“It wasn’t difficult,” Brendan grinned. “That was easy to find out. Staying on the raft looked challenging in the video but I studied the video and I am looking forward to it.”

"To be honest, rafting can be boring at times. The whole ride, is not one rapid to another. There is a lot of in between time." Adria pointed out to him.

Brendan grinned. “We will be trapped on. Raft with nothing to do but get to know one another better. Sounds perfect!”

"Well some rafters, like to jump out and swim on the river." Adria suggested to him. She was not sure, how he would feel about swimming in a current.

“I’m game if you are,” Brendan said with a smile. He believed you only got one shot at life so he might as well enjoy it.”

Adria had a swim suit on, under her clothing. She started to walk into the program, and noticed the store shack, where they met up with a few npc's to go rafting. "I hope you brought shorts." Adria said, as she started to undress, revealing her bathing suit.

“I have trunks on,” Brendan said as he took off his clothes, revealing his blue and grey swim shorts and bare chest.

"He comes prepared. Do you have any experience, swimming in or against a current?" Adria asked, wondering if she needed to fill him in. She started to put on her life jacket and tossed him one.

"I've been swimming before," Brendan replied. "In rivers with currents in them so I am good." He liked it that she wanted to make certain he was a capable swimmer.

"Alright lets do this." Adria said, as they stuffed their gear in a locker, and started to walk over to the group. A holographic instructor started to go over a safety briefing. Then Everyone gathered their gear. "Where do you want to sit?" There was three spots on the left and right.

“Let’s take the right,” Brendan said. They took their places and he looked over at her. “I love new adventures. He wondered if she understood his meaning.

"I am left handed so I will be directly in front on the left side. I hope you do not mind, a little water in your face." Adria said, with a big grin on her face.

“I am pretty sweet,” Brandon grinned. “Hope I don’t melt!” He was having a good time and they hadn’t even left yet.

"Cute reference, but your not that sweet." Adria said, as she in position. They started to push out the raft, making sure it faced the water. She straddled the edge of the raft, one leg in water the other in the raft.

Brandon watched Adria as she helped negotiate the raft. She was quite experienced but his eyes wandered more to how fantastic she looked in that bathing suit. “You don’t think I am sweet!” He said with a laugh as the raft was now out in the river. “I am wounded.”

"You'll live." Adria said, with a big grin on her face. The comment reminded her of a time, when she was rafting with her mom, and her mom told her, you'll live. Wow how that came full circle, she thought to herself.

Brandon grinned at her reply and just enjoyed the water as they started to move downstream. “You do this a lot on the holodeck?”

"I prefer not too, but sadly yes. We don't get a lot of opportunity to raft. Starfleet always has us moving from one location to the next." Adria pointed out to Brendan.

“The next best thing to being there,” Brendan said with a smile. He looked ahead where the water seemed to be a little rougher up ahead.”

"Remember lean into the raft, if you feel like your loosing your balance." Adria said, as they started to head towards the class 3 rapid.

Brandon nodded. Lean into the raft. He felt the first force of water hit the raft and for a split second he wanted to bail out. But then he got caught up in the excitement of it all. It was really exhilarating to feel the rapids and know you were beating it.

Adria tried not to laugh, but it was hard. He fell in like a first time rookie. She managed to stay up on the raft. And learned how to embrace the wave impact. "Get back up." She said, with a grin on her face. The raft was pushing him around, inside the raft. Then suddenly it stopped. They were out of the rapid.

Brandon climbed back in and shook his head, grinning. “That was awesome!!! I didn’t even mind falling off!”

"Is it. Then you are going to love Elevator." Adria pointed out to him, with a large grin on her face.

Brandon looked in the direction she pointed. It looked like the water was going to drop off, his eyes went back to her. “Elevator?”

"You'll see." Said with a big grin on her face. Some time had passed, then she called out. "Elevator coming up." It was another class 3 rapid, with bigger waves.

Brandon looked ahead and his eyes widened a bit. Coming up was some serious rapids but this time he was prepared for them. He wasn’t going to get thrown off like the rookie he was this time.

The rapid came quick and fast. The Guide had ordered them through the rapid, but they pulled over to the side. Several other rafts were already lined up.

Adria walked out of the raft, but kept her jacket on. "Well follow me." She called out, as she started to follow the line of personal. They were walking up the shore line.

Brandon headed after her, wondering what was coming next. “Where are we going?” He asked her with interest.

"You'll see." Adria said, as they made it up the trail, about a 1/2 mile from where they docked the rafts. The first npc guy went the edge of the water, the beginning of the rapid, he jumped in and swam toward the current. Then the next guy and the next guy.

Adria's turn came, and she divided in, and popped up to the surface. Water splashing all around, she started to swim into the current. Allowing the big waves, to carry her through the current. At the end of the current, there was several lines for her to grab to be pulled back to the shore line. Adria started to get pulled to the shore. "What did you think?" She asked, as they continued to get pulled in.

Brandon had followed her in and swam through the current as well. When she asked her question he grinned. “When can we do this again?” He hadn’t had this much fun in a long time.

"Get back in the line, the group is not ready to break free time." Adria said, as she pointed for him to take the lead this time. She was glad, he was enjoying it.

Brandon got back in line with a smile on his face. He follows those in front of him and tossed over his shoulder. “You like checking me out?”

"Is that a problem?" Adria asked, as she happened to glance down at his ass. Thinking to herself, damn it looked nice.

“Not at all,” Brandon grinned. “Do all the looking you want to.” He looked back in front of him, not wanting to fall out of line again.

"Okay." Adria said, as she stared at his ass. The scene starts to fade away.


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