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Home Alone

Posted on Tue Feb 25th, 2020 @ 7:15pm by Lieutenant Commander Harley Jackson & Captain Jack "Blackjack" Patton & Lieutenant JG 1001 & Lieutenant JG 0110

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Bridge, USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002 1900 hrs

Lieutenant 1001 sat at the Flight Control console for the Pioneer carefully watching the readouts on the screen. The Starship Sulaco was now flying in formation not far away and they were still tethered to the Aries like two people in a three legged race. The young Bynar Officer was carefully watching though, preparing should they have to extract themselves quickly from the situation.

"You're sweating."

1001 turned toward his brother, the machinespeak still ringing in his ears, "You would be too if your finger needed to press the button to break us free if that Core starts to go."

"My finger is on the button same as yours," 0110 answered. "Need I remind you that I'm the one watching the Core for instabilities and reactions. Believe me if I feel that we're at risk I'll let you know. Just like I did at the Academy."

1001 looked away from his monitor, his eyes probing for his brothers as they sat adjacent. He was silent - both in Federation Standard and their own language - just looking at his brother. He turned back to his panel, typing on the workstation screen.

0110 probed, "I'm sorry, that was uncalled for."

1001 said nothing in response, just kept watching his panels should he need to act.

"Are you going to respond to me?" the Bynar Ops Manager probed from his workstation.

Still no response came from the pilot. He adjusted the warp field, slightly to keep his mind busy. If he didn't he may've gone and slugged his brother.

"We cannot ignore each other forever," 0110 pestered. "You're going to have to say something to me eventually."

"With family like you who needs enemies?" 1001 snipped back. "Maybe we should focus on our responsibilities should we have to get out of a sticky situation quickly."

"Perhaps you are right."

1001 smirked, "Probably one of the hardest things you ever said to me."
He looked around the Bridge at the others present.

Harley had been standing at the view screen am when the brothers had their conversation. He didn’t know their situation but he understood it. He hasn’t spoken to his family in a long time and still wasn’t ready to, truth be known he probably never would be.

He turned and headed over to the command chair, taking a seat. “How are we doing 1001?” He asked, choosing not to comment on their conversation or rather issues. Harley was tempted to suggest some counseling but he would fight it should anyone suggest it.

"About as well as can be expected," the Bynar answered as he pecked at the displays. "Just hoping that the Aries doesn't decide to go nova and that," he pointed to his brother without looking at him, "someone doesn't miss a warning sign."

The Operations Officer chimed, "I will endeavor to meet the strict guidelines set forth by the pilot."

“I have faith in both of you,” Harley said with confidence. “You will help us save the crew of the Aries.”

0110 nodded, "That's what we're going to try to do. The ship's systems are antiquated by comparison to ours, but even our computers are having trouble figuring out how to overcome the issues that the Aries is facing. Temporal fractures are nothing to scoff at."

1001 looked over at his brother, "I don't think that the Commander was making light of the situation. I think that we are just being made aware of the confidence Harley has in our abilities."

"No disrespect intended," he said in monotone.

“None gotten,” Harley replied. “You are correct though, I am pleased with how well this is going considering the age and shape of that ship.”

1001 smiled, "I hope you didn't just jinx us."

Harley grinned. “I don’t believe in good or bad luck. I believe in this crew.”

"As do I," Sammi said appearing nearby. The holographic avatar walked over to a control station, silently studying the display quickly. "The Pioneer has the best crew in Starfleet, in my esteemed opinion at least."

Harley smiled at her. “You are an excellent judge of character.”

"She better be," 0110 answered defensively. "With the program algorithms I have recently uploaded her logic and perception have been enhanced by 32%.:

1001 mumbled under his breath, "Could you write an algorithm to improve your personality?"

Harley often forgot that though they often seemed similar to each other they were polar opposites. “We could probably all use that.” He said with a grin.

The Helmsman glanced up, "Sorry, Commander, I didn't mean to say that out loud."

“It’s fine,” Harley assured him. “Get it out in the open now instead of when we are in an emergency.”

"I will endeavor to work on such a protocol for myself in the mean time," 0110 answered in as close to sarcasm as he coul muster.

1001 smirked, "Maybe I am rubbing off on you."

"That's the most frightening thing I have ever heard," the Operations Manager retorted.

Harley couldn’t help it, he laughed. “I don’t want to make any enemies here but instead of brothers you two act like your married.”

Jack stood at his station toward the rear of the bridge. He never understood the need for banter on the bridge. However, he also knew that not everyone had the thoughts of a Marine. He simply kept his eyes on his work and continued to monitor fleet resources in the sector.

"We aren't really brothers," 0110 answered. "In the traditional sense of the term we are; nonetheless, 1001 had a birth defect that impacted his ability to connect to the computer network on our homeworld and impacted his upbringing and our bonding."

"They could have simply discarded me," 1001 added, "but that would've meant the end of you as well."

“In my mind you are brothers,” Harley informed them. “I am hoping you two will get past your differences. You are both exceptional officers, you should work together.”

1001 nodded, "During the work day we will. After hours..."

"Another story," 0110 finished the sentence, the two looking at each other after saying it.

Harley looked from one to the other. “Both of you will be my guests for dinner. Tonight at six sharp.” He turned and looked at the Aries through the viewscreen.

The two Bynars both looked at one another then to the XO of the ship. "Aye," 1001 said and 0110 finished the sentence, "Commander."

Harley smiled to himself. He often wondered what kind of first officer he would make and he had his answer. He wasn’t perfect but he was a mixture of the rules and instinct and what could be better than that?

"What do you think of our efforts with the Aries, Captain Patton," the Operations Manager asked from his workstation.

Jack looked at the Ops Chief and was not sure what his name was, the Bynars confused the hell out of Jack. "Lieutenant the Corps does not pay me to think. However, off the record. Rescuing the Aries is the right thing to do. Our work with them should end there. We should leave them aboard their vessel and let the Department of Temporal Investigations take it from there. It is too risky the Temporal Prime Directive is at stake here."

“And what if we can’t get them back?” Harley didn’t turn, he kept looking at the other ship and thinking. What if it were them? Stuck in the future with no end in sight.

"I agree with Captain Patton," 0110 said from the Operations Workstation. "The Temporal Prime Directive is one of the most critical regulations in the Federation Starfleet. We would be best to take their lead and I was reviewing the information from the Sulaco that an Agent beamed aboard with Admiral Coulson."

1001 smirked, "If I disagreed everyone would think it was just because of our relationship. Though, surprisingly, I kinda do agree."

“If it were me,” Harley said quietly. “I wouldn’t want to know what happened to my family, even if I couldn’t go back.”

"And that is the point. This crew should have no contact with the outside world. That is to say outside of their ship. It is up to the DTI to either get them home or integrate them. Not up to us." Patton spoke without looking up from his console.

1001 looked over his shoulder from the Helm, "Integration sounds painful."

“We all see things differently,” Harley nodded. “Facing forever without your family, some might want contact with whoever is left so they have someone. Then others, like me, I’d rather just forge ahead and cut out a new life without tracing anyone down.”

A series of tones came from the OPS console. 0110 looked up, "Message received from the Sulaco. They're returning to New Vulcan."

"Kingsmen rotate your boarding teams." Jack ordered his men through the comm system. "Commander I agree with you in spirit. My point is merely that is not a decision for us to make, or execute. The DTI will make the decision and if the crew of the Aries is to remain in this timeline I believe the DTI would allow them to contact family if they chose. Our job is to simply keep them from exploding."

"Which we are doing a good job at," 1001 answered with a grin as his console started to trill a series of beeps. He hoped that it wasn't that the Aries' core just exploded as he reached to the controls. It was nothing major. Just a message from engineering.

“I can’t help but put myself in their shoes,” Harley said quietly. “It has to be difficult. Especially for their first officer, she is related to our captain.”

0110 interrupted, "Interesting. As I was reviewing the crew manifest I had seen the name and wondered if there was a correlation between the two. Has the Captain met with her ancestor?"

“At our initial meeting,” Harley returned. “Before we arrived there we didn’t have a clue. Nothing was said about it and the Captain I believe has avoided that situation.”

The idea that the Captain was related to someone aboard that ship proved Jack's point. It also had the addition of being a security risk. "That is exactly my point. How do you know that if the person aboard the Aries is not returned to their time we will even have a Captain. We also have to make sure that the Captain does not risk the timeline and all of creation to save their relative."

“Which is why we need to figure this mess out quickly,” Jackson replied. “And as safely as possible.”

"No argument here," 1001 added from the Helm. "I saw that a Temporal Investigations Officer was listed on the materials and resources list transferred to the Aries. Probably the one trying to sort out the mess."

"My suggestion for the time being is that we all cease speculating and return to our duties. The Captain will need us at our best to sort this mess out." Jack looked toward everyone on the Bridge to make sure that they heard his comment. He was not in command, but he felt that he had the right of the situation.

0110 looked at the Marine from his Ops workstation, "I agree with Captain Patton's assessment. We should not be speculating."

"You would," 1001 mumbled.

"I merely admit that I deal with facts and not supposition," the Operations Officer answered. "While some officers are not afraid to fly by the seat of their pants, that I not something with which I find appealing."

The Helmsman chuckled, "I'd like to see you try to fly by the seat of your pants, or do anything with the seat of your pants." He paused, "Sorry. That was a little uncalled for." He returned his attention to his console.


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