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Distress call, who needs help?

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 4:02pm by Captain Adria Solwick & Lieutenant Andrea Winston & Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson & Lieutenant Commander Harley Jackson & Lieutenant JG 1001 & Lieutenant JG 0110 & Brendan Miles

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD002 1400 hrs

The USS Pioneer was in transit to the Klingon border, when tactical station, started to receive a distress call. "What do you got Commander Jackson?" Adria asked, as she looked on from the Captain's chair. They were still a few days away from the border.

“It is the USS Aries,” Harley replied. “We are receiving a distress call.” He paused. “They are requesting assistance immediately.”

Sammi appeared on the Bridge of the Pioneer shortly after the Captain arrived. The hologram walked over to a spare workstation and logged in, quickly surveying the situation. It was a moot point, designed to make her better integrate with the crew, as she had full access to the ship's systems and computers even without the terminal.

"You got the Captain to activate the AI?" 1001 asked his brother in their Bynar language.

0110 was working on the Operations panel, "It is a valid system that will assist with the operations of this ship. It is more than capable of meeting the Captain's or any crewmember's needs. Well maybe not yours, but you know what I mean."

It was meant as a joke, but was a bit more degrading that it should have been. "I hate those things."

"We have a million of them on Bynus."

"I know," he answered, "That's why I hate it."

"All Federation and Starfleet worlds would be better served by embracing the technologies we offer. I had hoped you would understand that," 0110 said in the usual monotone alienspeak.

1001 ended it, "I'm going to focus on our mission."

"As you should," 0110 got the last word.

"Sammi, what can you tell me about the USS Aries, search the data base. Not familiar with a ship called the Aries." Adria said, as hoped Sammi would be able to shed some light on this mystery ship.

The artificial intelligence paused a moment as if thinking carefully on the subject. A second later she answered with a respectful tone, "The Aries is, or rather was, a Federation Marine Corps Defiant Class vessel that was reported overdue in 2375. Starfleet Command officially declared her lost in 2425 as it had been 50 years since their last contact with her. Currently the Tellar Prime shipyard is building a replacement Dauntless Class Aries."

Harley looked up from his console. “2425!” He exclaimed, looking over at the captain. “I can attempt sending them a message to see what I can find out?”

Adria looked over to Harley, the bynar twins and then Sammi. "Temporal Prime Directive may apply. So we should be careful what we say." Adria pointed out to her crew.

“I’d ask for their captains name,” Harley explained. “And their situation. Nothing to give us away or let them know anything.”

"Lets assess what we can, can you detect any damage to the USS Aries, 0110?" Adria asked, as she looked over to her operations officer. She needed some answers.

The purple fingers of the Operations Manager danced over the workstation quickly. Pulling up the sensors he shook his head, "Negative, Captain, I am unable to scan the vessel. I am detecting a covariant chroniton field near the vessel. Sensors are unable to penetrate."

"Mister perfect failed? Surely not!" 1001 critiqued.

0110 defended, "I've apparently been spending too much time with you."

Harley kept at work at his station. “At this point we don’t know if whoever is on the ship is friend or foe. That being said, if we don’t respond, someone else will.”

"I would advise caution, Captain," the hologram added. "The presence of the chroniton particles indicate a temporal incursion may have taken place. Chroniton particles can interfere with the operation of this vessel."

"Is the crew in any danger Sammi?" Adria asked, as she looked over to Sammi for guidance. She wanted her first command decision, to be rational and well thought out. She is going to assist the USS Aries, but wanted to cover all angles first.

The hologram considered the information carefully. She approached the central workstations as she spoke, "Chroniton particles can cause temporal incursions if exposed to certain conditions. I will begin closely monitoring internal systems to prevent any accidental interaction. At the moment I would rate the risk as marginal."

"1001 set an intercept course for the USS Aries." She called , hoping it would not take long for the USS Pioneer to reach the USS Aries.

Harley was busy running a second set of scans on the distressed ship. He wasn’t surprised that it came back with the same authentication. There was so many questions. Was this crew from their timeline or another. And if so, what could alter their future because of them. He wanted to see the ship once they were close enough to view it.

Adria eagerly awaited 1001 report, while she did she started to wonder, what was going on over on the USS Aries. An all marine crew, what was that, she wondered? She had heard about the marines, but the program was phased out, years ago from her respective.

The Bynar typed on the navigational reference panel, adjusting for the instabilities and detected chroniton particles. "I have to be careful of the chronitons because our slipstream could cause an interaction. At maximum warp we can be there in a little over half an hour. I can risk slipstream and we'd be there in about a minute, but we could have a bad reaction if we cross through one of the chroniton fields."

"Prepare to engage warp drive. We do not want to risk the Aries, or the Pioneer." Adria said. Deep in her thoughts, she was thinking about the crew. How were they doing? Did they know, they were brought to the future? There was many in answered questions. She knew this was a golden opportunity, and was not going to ruin it.

1001 nodded and typed on the control panel, "Engaging Warp Drive. ETA 29 minutes."

0110's violet fingers manipulated readouts on the resource allocation panel of the Ops Station, "I am transferring additional power to the Warp Field Generators and slightly modifying the harmonics. It will create a static warp shell to further protect us while we are traveling."

"Good idea." Adria said, with a big grin on her face. The scene starts to fade. The USS Pioneer was now in route to the USS Aries.


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