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Sudden changes

Posted on Mon Jul 15th, 2019 @ 5:20pm by Captain Adria Solwick & Lieutenant Commander Harley Jackson & Captain Jack "Blackjack" Patton

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: CO Ready Room
Timeline: MD002 0900 hrs

"Sorry to call you both together on short notice, there has been a development, and thought you both should be the first to hear it." Adria said, as she looked to Jack and Harley.

Harley looked at the captain and could tell whatever it was it was big. “What happened?” He asked. Jackson glanced over at Patton who didn’t seem to know anymore than he did.

"I hope you both slept well, I will get straight down to business." She said, as she paused for a moment. She was giving them a chance to respond.

“I am well rested,” Harley replied. They were still in dock or he would wonder if they had some emergency mission.

Jack stood at attention, whatever it was it must be big. He had been on the Pioneer all of a day and already was being called to the carpet. "Ma'am I am well rested thank you for asking. I am curious as to what is so urgent, if you do not mind me asking Ma'am."

"Captain you're here, mainly as a courtesy, and to prevent me from having to say this twice." Adria started to say, then went on. "

There has been a diplomatic incident on New Romulas, that will require Commander Tei, to resign his post on the USS Pioneer, I need a new first officer and second officer." She started to say, before taking another breath.

"Commander Jackson, I am promoting you to first officer, I want to move forward with our mission, you will be acting chief of security, till such time, as we can find another security chief." She knew that Harley, was not ready for the role, but she would do her best, to get him ready.

Harley was stunned. Did she say first Officer? He knew she had but it was the last thing he expected. “Yes Captain, you can count on me!” He had always dreamed of this but never expected it would come this soon.

"Captain Patton, you will be my new second officer." She said, looking to see what the marine commander was going to say. In the late 2370's and 2380's it was not uncommon to see a marine in a command billet, it was more unusual now days.

"Whatever is needed The Kingsmen will see it done. The only worry that I would have about it is some of the crew may not like taking orders from a Marine." Jack replied without showing any emotion. Although underneath he was excited this was a high honor.

"Any questions, before I go on?" She asked patiently. She wanted to put both of their minds at ease.

"No Ma'am!" Jack actually had a million questions. However, it was his experience and prudent move to let the Captain finish. She would most likely answer most of his questions.

“No Captain,” Harley said which wasn’t totally accurate. He had a million starting with are you sure you want me as your number one and so forth.

"You are my first officer, so the question is ill-relevant. Wouldn't you agree?" Adria asked, hoping he would see, it would be easier to accept the new role, openly. Instead of questioning himself.

“Yes.” Harley nodded. It was time to accept this and show her he was the best choice. “Please continue, Sir.”

"Our mission is not changing but in three hours we will meet up with the RRW Vahala. She will take Commander Tei back to New Romulas, while we continue on to the klingon border. You will lead the away team, I suggest you prepare. You have been on many away missions, trust your training." Adria said, with a warm smile.

“I have,” Jackson nodded. “And I will be ready.”

"Glad to hear it. I know this change is very sudden, but I have the upmost confidence in your ability to step up and be our new first officer, Commander Jackson." Adria said, trying to reassure her new number one.

Harley could feel his confidence grow. If she believed in him this much then he would prove her right. “Who else was scheduled to go, It makes the best sense to stick with the plan.”

"That's your call number. Commander Tei chose you and our science chief." Adria said, as she looked over to Jack. "You could take Captain Patton along, be good for him, to get some away mission time in."

Harley looked over at Patton. “Welcome to the away team.”

"Wouldn't miss the party for the world. I recommend that we take Sergeant Schiano with us as well. He is an EVAC specialist and if we need to leave in a hurry he can get us out. We can simply have him pose as additional security." Patton replied with a smile.

"You both have a lot to discuss, I'll let you get to it. Dismissed gentleman." Adria said, with a big smile on her face.

Harley looked at Jack. “Shall we?”

"After you..." Jack motioned for the door and took a couple of steps toward the door. Then something occurred to him. "Captain I would like to request a bridge command shift. If the crew is to take orders from a Marine it might be best for them to see me in the center chair."

"Agreed, I will get you put on the rotation." Adria said, as she watched both men leave the ready room. The scene starts to fade.


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