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What is the AI?

Posted on Thu Aug 22nd, 2019 @ 7:59pm by Captain Adria Solwick & Lieutenant JG 0110

Mission: S1, E1: Uprising
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD002 1000 hrs

"0110, sorry to pull you away from the bridge, but what can you tell me about this AI program, I have been hearing about about?" Adria asked. She wanted the highlight real of the program.

0110 stood opposite the Captain, "The Artificial Intelligence Monitoring System?" He questioned, but went right into the discussion, "The Artificial Intelligence Monitoring System as designed is a shipboard support system that is a combination offshoot of LCARS and the Emergency Command Hologram devised by the Starship Voyager while in the Delta Quadrant. It is an extremely powerful artificial intelligence that controls, repairs, and regulates the ship; however, it is set to a default of being offline unless specifically asked to be engaged by the Commanding Officer."

"So its like the EMH?" Adria asked, wondering why this device was installed on her ship, in the first place? She knew holographic technologies that have artificial intelligence, eventually want to be set free, and do not appreciate being assigned to the ship. She recalled the Enterprise-D and that whole Fiasco.

"Yes and no. It can assume command in situations in which the system identifies that the vessel command structure is compromised, but failsafe software is also available to prevent the system from becoming compromised itself and simply taking over." He smiled, "It is also fiercely loyal to the designated Commanding Officer of a vessel and serves as your assistant. The AI will override the general LCARS system when brought online and improves reaction times for the ships computer as well."

"What about privacy concerns, or invasion protocols. What reassurances do we have, that the AI program, will not go beyond its programing? Or have secret orders, from the higher ups?" Adria asked, a little concerned over for privacy, on her ship.

The Bynar Operations Manager kept his poker face as he answered but it was the closest he came to laughing, "What reassurances do you have that I don't have secret orders, Captain? What stops Commander Jackson from overstepping and taking over? There is a certain level of trust. I don't doubt though that similar questions have come up in the past of technology listening in."

He paused for a moment, "The AI allows the crew to relate to their ship on a personal level, and vice versa. It's also capable of billions of different tasks at once and, because of multiple parallel processors and quantum computing, can be capable of doing several billion equations at once. Artificial Intelligence's can feel many human emotions, like love, hate, sadness and joy; plus, if it helps you feel better, the rate of insanity among Artificial Intelligences is far less than in humanoids." The last part was meant as a joke, but was also a reality.

"I see, how adaptive is its programming. Can it learn how to interact with several species that we have living onboard with the Pioneer?" Adria hoping it was not going to upset any of the member races. Like the mach 1 emh did back in the 70's.

"It has been outfitted with detailed subroutines on psychology, including comparative psychology. They can be a bit hard to take from time to time, but they have the best of intentions. They're also, if I didn't mention, fiercely loyal to their Captain." He said in a monotone with as close to a smile as 0110 was willing to share.

"Sounds very promising." Adria said, as she looked over to 0110, to see what he was going to say. She was curious, about activating the AI.

The Bynar nodded in answer, "It could work well to assist you. If you like you can activate the unit and discuss your concerns with it."

"Do it, been a little curious to do this. I think you can help me, figure out if there are any bugs or kinks in the program." Adria said, hoping it was installed correctly.

"Computer," the Bynar called, "Activate Artificial Intelligence Monitoring System Avatar."

There were a series of beeps and whirrs from the computer system. A moment later a nondescript hologram appeared between them, relatively featureless and in a Command Uniform. "The design is configurable to your preferences Captain and can replicate any species encountered all the way to a big purple dinosaur if you felt inclined."

"Although who would want me to appear in such a way?" The hologram asked.

Adria stood there looking at the avatar for the holographic projection. "You look to realistic, can we make your appearance be more transparent?" Adria asked the hologram.

"Affirmative, Captain," the hologram answered unoffended. "Increasing transparency by 25%." The hologram began to change in form as her skin took on a more ethereal, ghost-like appearance. Beyond her skin Lieutenant 0110 could be seen.

"Better, now shorten your hair, and make it black." Adria said, liking the modifications she was making to the appearance of the program.

The AI complied, the hair receded back and darkened to black. She smiled at the Captain, "Modification completed."

0110 said nothing for a moment as he considered the scene before him, "Avatar, define system and safety protocol."

"The Artificial Intelligence Monitoring System, or AIMS for short, is a computer program designed as a follow up to the Emergency Command Hologram designed by the Starship Voyager in the 24th Century. Artificial Intelligence's are capable of billions of different tasks at once, and because of multiple parallel processors and quantum computing, can be capable of doing several billion equations at once. Because of this blinding computing speed, this program can be instrumental in almost all aspects of shipboard life. Artificial Intelligence's can feel many human emotions, like love, hate, sadness and joy."

"The Artificial Intelligence has been designed to be a 'backup captain' and I possess information from all major Starfleet strategic and tactical databases. The Artificial Intelligence can function in a command capacity in the event of the current command crew being incapacitated during an emergency."

It looked at the Captain, "this is your ship, Captain, I will not act to subvert your authority and will work with you to ensure your continued authority. My systems are under your direct control and the only person with authority to deactivate my program is you. You can also permanently order my deactivation. Deactivation of an Artificial Intelligence occurs when the memory and control pathways are wiped and removed, which limits or destroys the intelligence of the Artificial Intelligence. This renders the Artificial Intelligence incapable of performing basic functions, and effectively causes the death as its sentience has been destroyed."

"Well there is that, I suppose." Adria said, as she walked around the program. She was inspecting it. "Does your program monitor my every movement?" She wanted to know if there was any personal boundaries by the program.

"I will give you privacy, Captain," she answered. "Like the computer I do monitor and respond when called upon. I won't appear in the bathroom or when you are being intimate with someone. Well, unless there is a genuine emergency, but again that is true of any member of the vessel's crew."

"Well I hope so." Adria said, feeling a little more at ease with the AI. She still had her concerns nonetheless. She smiled as she said, "I think I like you, now what to call you." She asked, as she looked at the AI program.

The hologram considered for a moment, "Traditionally the Captain of the vessel names the AI. Commonly it is something affiliated with the name of the vessel itself. The AI on the Enterprise, for example, is named Galatea due to the vessel being NX-1701-G. Our sister ship Vigilance has a male patterned AI named Lance. Gateway Station has an AI that goes by the nickname Emissary in honor of its positioning near the wormhole."

"I am not sure what to call you." Adria confessed. She took a moment to think. She had assumed, the AI would have a generic name. "Give me some time, to create a name for you." Adria suggested to the AI program.

She nodded respectfully, "Not a problem, Captain. I respect your time and consideration. If there is nothing else I have consumed too much of your time as it is."

"I think I have it." Adria said. The demeanor of the program, reminded her of a girl she knew growing up. "I am going to call you Sammi." She said with a big grin. She was happy that the name just came to her, based on the persona the program was operating like.

The hologram nodded, "I like that name. Sammi it is."

"A name of significance, Captain?" 0110 queried curiously.

"I knew a girl name Sammi, the program reminds me of her, with her tones and demeanor." Adria said with a big smile on her face. "What do you think?" Adria asked Sammi?

The AI nodded in acceptance, "I like it. I feel that it will work well."

0110 smiled broadly, betraying the emotion of the situation for a moment or two in the process. Bynars rarely showed emotion making this all the more important. "If you are ready I will release the program to full operation."

Adria was still a little concerned, she was feeling better about the program. But was she ready to release it? She thought about it for a moment. "Lets take a chance, do it."

0110 tapped his communicator, "Computer."


"Execute AIMS activation sequence upon my authority," he used his computer buffer to transmit the activation codes to the main computer in a machinespeak that was incomprehensible to anyone but an ancient fax machine or modem.

Panels flashed momentarily throughout the ship as the program came online and spread through the systems of the Pioneer. The hologram and the computer spoke as once, "Artificial Intelligence Monitoring System active. System online."

"Thank you 0110. I really appreciate all your help." Adria said with warm sincerity in her voice.

The Operations Manager nodded appreciatively, "My pleasure, Captain. Permission to return to my duties?"

"Granted." Adria said, as the scene closes out.


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