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USS Pioneer NCC-97458The USS Pioneer is a Vivace Class Command Heavy Cruiser that is part of the 16th Fleet.

Based upon the designs of the infamous Intrepid Class Cruiser, the Vivace Class was launched in the early 25th Century as a replacement design for this line of vessels. Design work for the Vivace began shortly after the USS Voyager returned from its famous sojourn to the Delta Quadrant; however, work was stalled due to the growing risk of hostilities with the Klingon Empire. Initially conceived of as a science vessel, the Vivace was modified to serve in the role of a command ship for this purpose. Outfitted with a Quantum Slipstream Drive and enhanced shield grid, the Vivace Class has proven itself well in multiple engagements and exploratory assignments. In honor of the accomplishments of the Voyager crew the first ship of the class, USS Vivace, was renamed Voyager at christening.