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Captain Jack "Blackjack" Patton

Name Jack "Blackjack" Patton

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Thin, but imposing. As would be expected of a Marine, Jack is in the utmost physical condition possible but he's never been a particularly robust figure in terms of musculature. He is strong and fit with a small amount of body fat, but he is by no means rippling with muscles.

Carries a Command aire that few can duplicate and that many aspire to match. A result of a prestigious family lineage, a lifelong training regimen and the experience of battle.


Spouse Never Married
Children None
Father Brig General George S Patton VIII Starfleet Marines
Mother Colonel Ruth Patton (nee Wilson) Starfleet Marines
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Patton is a long descendant of US General George Patton. Incredibly intelligent and thorough. Jack doesn't cut corners nor does he tolerate those under his command to do the same. His reputation usually precedes him but even when it doesn't, he quickly proves why he is considered among the best. He's not an overtly arrogant man, at least no more than any other Marine, and does not tout his militaristic accomplishments as reason why you should trust him. He expects that you will trust him on your own.

Usually listens to what everyone else has to say before forming his own opinion and informing others of his decisions. He is gifted at improvising with what he has, and adapting to the situation at hand. When making a decision he will devise a plan that to meet the challenges rather than devising a plan and trying to make the circumstances fit the plan. Will often take conflicting points of view on the matter before coming to his own decision. He is not easily influenced. Jack is extremely adept at quick-decisions. It is one of the reason's he's been so successful thus far in his career.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Quick thinking: Patton thinks well on his feet. Has the innate ability to look into a tactical situation and understand the enemies’ weakness, as well as his.

- Well-respected: Despite the fact that his military genealogy goes back generations, Patton is very well respected due to his own accolades. He's not the kind of man that rests on his forebears laurels, or his, but he is proud of what he has accomplished and only too happy to continue to accomplish more. That being said he is fond of his ancestors, and wears an homage to his ancient forebear as part of his uniform.

- Tactical Genius: Jack is a truly brilliant militaristic mind. One of his strengths is to be able to see the enemy and his weakness in any situation. Where his other strength lies is in knowing how to exploit theirs and how to reinforce his. Patton is a man who is sure of his and his men's abilities, but he has enough Tactical intellect and strength of character to know when the situation is beyond their abilities. He isn't afraid to retreat. He leads by example, and is more than willing to get in the thick of fighting with those under his command.


- Families, particularly children. Jack very often thinks that he is not meant to or capable of raising a child. He see's things much like the Corps is, and has trouble with the abstracts of emotions and the musings of children. He also has trouble with the worries of parents who serve under him.

- Understanding of non-militaristic cultures. Pacifists. Jack doesn't understand those that think that military might isn't inevitably needed.
Ambitions Ambitions To make a name for himself better than his father's and forefathers and to make sure the Patton line continues through the generations.

To be the Commandant of the Corps. He wants to go straight to the top, but not until he's ready. He won't take the posting (were it offered) until he feels he's accomplished all that he can.
Hobbies & Interests Patton is skilled in armed and unarmed combat. He is an expert in Aikido and Mok Bara. He likes to read ancient military texts such as the Art of War, and feels that the knowledge that they can impart never go out of fashion.

Jack does enjoy holodeck time when on a ship-based assignment, but if the option is there he much prefers to spend time out in nature. He likes to hike in particular the Appalachian Trail on Earth, and the mountains around the First City on Q’onos, where he has spent some of his shore leaves. He's technologically savvy, but he prefers the isolation and simplicity of nature.

Languages Federation Standard, Klingon, Vulcan, Cardassian

Personal History Born in May of 2394 in San Gabriel, California to Brig General George S Patton VIII, a Marine who had settled on the family estate and into a teaching a career after decades of field service with Starfleet's Marine Corps. Despite the best in Medical attention available, George and his wife were only able to conceive one son - Jack - before Doctor's informed them that her ability to have children was gone. They were devastated that they would only be able to have the one son, as they'd waited for George’s career to reach a point that would allow them the chance to raise that child properly.

Robbed of the opportunity to raise the houseful of children he had always dreamed of, George and his wife Ruth poured everything into their only son. George did everything in his power to groom Jack for a life of service in the Marine Corps just as the eldest sons of his family had done since the days of the Second World War on Earth. It was the family honor that a Patton son had participated in every major American engagement from the Landing at Normandy, to Vietnam, to the attempted Borg invasion of Earth and onward. By taking advantage of old friends and old favors almost forgotten, George was able to obtain admittance for Jack into some of the most prestigious Military Prep Academies in the United States, including West Point, a school that all the Patton men went to. There he studied the historical and modern aspects of Warfare from a very young age.

Being the son of an influential and incredibly old family, Patton was afforded many of the splendor of his family's line that were afforded to so few people despite the modern economy and scientific discoveries. He spent the holidays at his family’s estate and the Summer's riding with the Starfleet Marines on various 'educational' missions arranged by his father. He traversed the known galaxy with the SFMC from as young as twelve and the Marines were only too happy to oblige him and treated Jack as if he were already one of their own.

Once out of his primary school years, Jack was transferred to West Point Military Academy to finish off his secondary education and college degree. He majored in Defense and Strategic Studies, and was enrolled in the Marine ROTC program there. It was in this secondary academy that Jack began to see where his strength's laid. Jack's forte was not intelligence or staff organization, it was in Tactics, both on the field and off. Infantry, artillery and armored tactics as it related to both the individual engagement and the war as a whole. It wasn't long into his tenure that he was noticed by his professor's and peers as a gifted tactician. His professor's did everything in their power to challenge Jack's young mind and make sure he was progressing as far as he possibly could, even if the rest of his classmates were not. That meant many hours of private study and tutoring and often involved Patton sitting in on classes a few years ahead of him. Thus, when it came time for graduation, Jack had ascended to the top of the class, outdone only by one student - a student who would forever be his nemesis despite their friendship.

After his West Point graduation Patton was granted the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and accepted into the Starfleet Marine Corps. He was immediately transferred to The Basic School at Camp LeJeuene to complete his Marine training. Upon completion of The Basic School, Patton was sent to Starfleet Marine Corps Specialty School for Strategic Operations. When he completed that last leg of his training his fate was complete. He was officially a Starfleet Marine and rotated into the Corps at large.

Patton with his training complete as planned was a 2nd Lieutenant. His first few assignments, despite the pleadings of his father to his highly ranked acquaintances, were on the outskirts of the quadrant. The intention was to give Jack a taste of the reality that his father couldn't always be there to make sure he got the 'good' assignments. Little did they know that Jack's assignment would put him at the heart of something that would come to define is career in the following years.

Assigned to an aging Frigate under the Command of a Starfleet Captain on the verge of retirement, Patton was assigned as the ranking Lieutenant to a team of lightly experienced Marines, most of them were fresh from boot and the NCO's present were only just making it to that honor. There were no other ranking Marines aboard, leaving Jack in charge of any and all ground operations. It was a bit much for a Lieutenant so young in his career, but it was the hand that he'd been dealt, so he made the best of it.

The USS Tomahawk received a distress call from a nearby pre-Warp civilization which was being attacked and interned by a Warp-capable civilization with weaponry comparable, although a bit obsolete, to Starfleet Weaponry. The aliens had assaulted the planet and left only two ships in orbit to observe and coordinate the offensive. The Tomahawk's Captain determined that the Prime Directive was no longer a concern, considering the contamination wrought by the aliens attempting to intern the locals. Despite the fact that they had an undermanned Platoon of Marines, he opted to send them to the surface in an attempt to prevent or at least delay the internment proceedings long enough for Starfleet reinforcements to arrive.

Jack and his Platoon of Marines deployed to the surface at the major point of debarkation and not only successfully assaulted the area in a textbook maneuver, but dug in and held the position against enemy counterattack for four days, assisted by orbital bombardments from the Tomahawk. But by the third day, they could no longer contact the ship and at the end of the fourth day, word reached the Platoon that the Tomahawk had been destroyed by alien reinforcements that had entered the system. The escape pods that had gotten away had been captured as well. The Alien's attempted to use the captured crew as leverage against Jack and his Marines, but he severed communications with them as soon as he heard, forbidding his Marines to make any contact as well. He commandeered the comm equipment, trusting it only to his platoon Sergeant. He knew, as well as his Marines did, that the crew of the Tomahawk would have gladly given their own lives to prevent the suffering of these people. So, under heavy enemy counterattack, Jack and his Platoon crippled the debarkation aerodrome and escaped under the cover of its destruction into the surrounding wilderness.

What had been a dug in and well fortified stalemate had turned into a guerrilla warfare situation in which the Marines were forced to be the Guerrilla's. Utilizing captured communications equipment in conjunction with their own communications gear, Patton's platoon was able to send out automated distress calls as they moved through the surrounding wilderness. They were also able to intercept the communications traffic of the less advanced aliens and use that information in order to coordinate their offensives against valuable targets. For three weeks they moved through the wilderness and attacked valuable military and interment targets such as shuttles, fighters, tanks and infantry barracks whilst obtaining a foothold for the local populace's underground rebellion who labeled the Marines, the 'Ghost Angels'. Jack felt, although the risk of contamination by the Starfleet Marines was minimal, that it was best to adhere to the Prime Directive as much as possible. This meant not revealing themselves or providing any Starfleet weaponry to the local rebellion. The alien weaponry and technology, however, was not their responsibility to shield. Jack made sure that what they did destroy left enough for the local underground to obtain and use against their would-be captors.

The Marines efforts were repaid by the arrival of the USS Timberwolf, Galaxy-class, and the USS Tudor who, along with a handful of Defiant-class escorts in tow, made short work of the alien fleet attempting to intern the local populace. Jack and his Marines learned of their arrival during a rare daylight offensive to cripple and secure a prisoner facility that the aliens had been clever enough to erect a bit beyond the wilderness to avoid the 'Ghost Angels' attacks. They underestimated Patton’s tactical intuition and were painfully reminded of the power of the Starfleet weaponry. Just as Patton's Marines were being counterattacked, the Tudor's Company of Marines dropped in, crippling the counteroffensive and supplying them with the much needed reinforcement. Jack and his Marines, to say the least, were exhausted.

Returned to the Fleet Jack's, 'Ghost Angels' Marines were awarded with several medals and promotions - three of which went to Jack. For his outstanding leadership, he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. He received one other medal for gallantry and the entire Platoon received a Unit Citation, for outstanding teamwork and commitment to the Federation's ideals and mission. His nickname of Blackjack was also given to him on this mission. This name was earned because, whenever his Marines were down, Jack would take out a deck of cards and play Blackjack with them while they were in the trenches.

Shortly after Jack renamed his unit The Kingsmen. Patton was given command of the unit and they were sent wherever they were needed most. However, the situation was usually dire if they were called in. In 2427 SFMC ordered Jack and the Kingsmen to take residence aboard the USS Endeavour. This established a Marine presence on the ship for the first time.

One year later while most of her crew was on shore leave the USS Endeavour was stolen by a group of Romulan dissidents. Jack and the Kingsmen boarded the Endeavour and retook the vessel with minimal loss of life. Patton was promoted to Captain for the strategic planning that the assault took.

Now Jack Patton and the Kingsmen are once more sent to where they are needed most. This time to the Klingon boarder and the USS Pioneer.
Service Record 2400 – 2412 General schooling in San Gabriel California

2412 – 2416 West Point Military Academy (Defense and Strategic Studies Major)

2416 - Granted the Rank of 2nd Lieutenant

2416 - Attends The Basic School at Camp LeJeuene

2417 – 2421 Starfleet Marine Corps Specialty School for Strategic Operations

2422 – 2424 Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant USS Tomahawk Marine Detachment

2424 – 2425 Is promoted to 1st Lieutenant USS Tudor Marine XO

2427 - 2428 Transfers to USS Endeavour along with his unit The Kingsmen to establish a Marine Detachment on that vessel

2428 - Promoted to Captain

2429 - Is reassigned along with the Kingsmen to the USS Pioneer