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Lieutenant JG 0110

Name 0110

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bynar
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0"
Weight 90 lbs
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description 0110 is of average height and weight for a member of his species. His skin is lavender in color and his skull is enlarged like the rest of his species. He has a small patch of purple hair on both sides of his neck. The interface for his synaptic processor, which allows for his connection to the master computer on Bynaus, is located on the left side of his skull.


Spouse None
Children None
Father 011011
Mother 110110
Brother(s) 1001
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview 0110 is dependent upon his connection to his sibling, 1001, similar to the other members of the Bynar species. 0110 is far from being a social creature and is more likely to be found at his station, reviewing technical journals, or generally being alone when his brother is unavailable. His connection to computer systems is a great comfort to him and is believed to be a natural adaptation due to the difficulties caused by his brother's diminished connection.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Expert level understanding of computer systems with the innate ability to connect to different computer systems due to his upbringing.
Weakness: Highly dependent upon his brother. Socially inept. Condescending and sometimes arrogant.
Ambitions To start developing relationships with others.
To become Director of Starfleet Operations.
Hobbies & Interests Computer Technology, Reading, Technical journals

Personal History Born on Bynus in 2403, 0110 is a twin to 1001 and was raised under the strict cultural norms of his people. Shortly after his birth 0110 was taken to surgery to remove his parietal lobe and to replace it with a synaptic processor to connect the child to the master computer on Bynus. His surgery went without incident and it was discovered that he had a stronger connection to the master computer than the norm for a member of his species. Due to the difficulties of his brother to connect to the master computer, 0110 was almost bonded to another Bynar which has had a profound affect upon his relationship with his sibling despite his young age.

0110's childhood was normal for a member of his species and, at times, enhanced due to his natural affinities. 0110's parents favored him over his brother due to the accolades that he won; nonetheless, this only served to drive a wedge between him and his sibling as 1001 was a frequent target of bullying. 0110 understood how this impacted his brother due to their connection and how ostracized he had become. 0110 tried to assist him to overcome his deficits, which only damaged their relationship. When 1001 chose to join Starfleet, 0110 opted to join him at Starfleet Academy's Denobula Campus rather than to accept training at the Bynus Institute of Technology.

The relationship between 1001 and 0110 flipped while at the Academy. While 1001 was very popular, 0110 became more insular and dependent upon his bond with his sibling. He flourished at his studies and was on the path to graduate within the top 5 percentile of the Academy Class; however, his life was significantly impacted by his brother's failing grades and addiction through their connection. 0110 attempted to intervene; however, an accident resulted in significant damage to 0110's synaptic processor requiring an emergency surgery on Bynus from which he almost died. He was able to recuperate in time to graduate with his peers, but the injury requires that 0110 undergo routine synaptic therapy. 0110 graduated with the rank of Ensign.

Due to their bond, Starfleet Command agreed that the duo should not be separated and assigned both to the Starship North Carolina - a Nova Class vessel. 0110 was assigned as the Night Watch Operations Officer due to his high marks and 1001 was assigned as a Shuttle Pilot and Junior Helmsman. This led 0110 to become more driven to focus on his responsibilities and maintaining the computer systems of the North Carolina. While his brother developed relationships with other crewmembers, 0110 was able to develop an enhancement to the computer systems that would allow the North Carolina improved computational speeds. This drew significant attention to 0110 within Starfleet Operations.

Because of his achievements, 0110 was chosen to serve as the Assistant Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS Resolute as part of a training program to become a Starship Operations Manager. This began to strain the relationship between the Bynar pair as it forced 1001 to leave his position aboard the North Carolina, and several friendships, due to 0110's burgeoning career. 0110 learned quickly and was able to improve the efficiency of the Resolute's computers as well. Despite his successes at work, 0110 was unable to develop friendships and gave up on efforts to do so to focus solely on his work.

In 2429 Fleet Admiral Lynz recommended that 0110 be reassigned to the USS Pioneer as Chief Operations Officer. 1001, seeing an opportunity to differentiate himself from his brother, requested permission to remain aboard the Resolute. Out of fear of losing his only stable relationship, 0110 refused reassignment to remain aboard the Resolute. This strained their relationship as it would mean that 0110 was giving up an incredible opportunity, but 1001 relented and agreed to reassignment to the Pioneer as well when it was arranged for him to serve as Chief Flight Control Officer. 0110 accepted reassignment to the Pioneer immediately following this offer; however, the damage has been done as 1001 realizes he is only in the post due to Starfleet's focus on his brother.
Service Record - Starfleet Academy, Denobula Campus
- USS North Carolina, Night Watch Operations Officer
- USS Resolute, Assistant Chief Operations Officer
- USS Pioneer, Chief Operations Officer