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Lieutenant JG 1001

Name 1001

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bynar
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 90 lbs
Hair Color Bald/Normally Violet
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description 1001 is of average height for a member of his species, but is a little underweight. His skin is lavender in color and his skull is enlarged like the rest of his species. He frequently shaves off the small patch of purple hair on the sides of his neck. The interface for his synaptic processor, which allows for his connection to the master computer on Bynaus, is located on the right side of his skull.


Spouse None
Children None
Father 011011
Mother 110110
Brother(s) 0110
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Unlike most Bynars, 1001 is less dependent upon his connection to his sibling than most members of the Bynar species. This is due to the diminished connection he had to the central computer of Bynus while growing up. This has granted him a unique ability in that he is more likely to engage others socially than his sibling.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: High level understanding of computer systems, detailed knowledge of flight control principles and navigation.
Weakness: Damaged connection to the master computer on Bynus, Doubts his abilities at times when compared to his brother, Recovering from addiction.
Ambitions To differentiate himself from his brother.
To prove himself as an officer.
Hobbies & Interests Reading technical journals, developing relationships with others, music.

Personal History Born on Bynus in 2403, 1001 is a twin to 0110 and was raised under the strict cultural norms of his people. Shortly after his birth 1001 was taken to surgery to remove his parietal lobe and to replace it with a synaptic processor to connect the child to the master computer on Bynus. During the surgery there was an incident and 1001 had difficulty bonding to the master computer. Because of this it was considered by the master computer to terminate the child as defective; however, the connection was able to be established in the final moments. Nonetheless, his connection to the master computer was not as stable as that of his brother which had been a constant source of mockery for him amongst his peers.

1001's childhood was problematic because of the computer connection difficulties that he experienced. Unable to understand, his parents neglected the issues that he developed and favored his sibling while he was growing up. His brother, 0110, understood due to their connection how ostracized his brother had become and tried to assist him to overcome these deficits which damaged their relationship. Uncharacteristically for a Bynar, 1001 chose to join Starfleet upon coming of age. Due to their unique connection, 0110 chose to join him at Starfleet Academy's Denobula Campus.

While at the Academy 1001 flourished and was very popular due to so few Bynars having chosen to join Starfleet - of his class he was one of only four Bynars to attend in the entire graduating class of the entire Academy that year. This popularity was unusual for him, which led to him becoming more focused on parties than his studies. His diminishing grades brought back old trauma that caused him to descend into addiction. When his brother realized this he was able to intervene, but was also affected due to their bond. After an accident almost killed 0110, 1001 began the road to recovery and graduated alongside his brother as an Ensign.

Due to their bond, Starfleet Command agreed that the duo should not be separated and assigned both to the Starship North Carolina - a Nova Class vessel. 1001 was assigned as a Shuttle Pilot and Junior Helmsman while 0110 was assigned as the Night Watch Operations Manager. Due to his ability to interact with others, 1001 would draw the attention of many of his shipmates. His natural camaraderie with others led him to gain the attention of the Chief Helmsman of the ship, which led to his promotion to Senior Shuttle Pilot.

1001's career would stall slightly when his brother was selected for reassignment to the USS Resolute to serve as Assistant Chief Operations Officer. Due to their bonding, 1001 was forced to be reassigned to the Resolute along with his bonded pair. While he was able to continue to develop friendships amongst his shipmates, he was forced to take a position reduction and returned to being a shuttlecraft pilot. After significantly lobbying, 1001 was able to be reassigned to serve as the Night Watch Helmsman while his brother remained assigned to the Second Watch.

In 2429 Fleet Admiral Lynz recommended that 0110 be reassigned to the USS Pioneer as Chief Operations Officer. 1001, seeing an opportunity to differentiate himself from his brother, requested permission to remain aboard the Resolute. 0110 initially refused reassignment due to not wanting to lose his brother, which significantly impacted their relationship. 1001 relented and agreed to reassignment to the Pioneer as Chief Flight Control Officer. Despite this it has developed a wedge between the brothers as 1001 knows he is only in his position due to his brother.
Service Record - Starfleet Academy, Denobula Campus
- USS North Carolina, Flight Control Officer/Shuttle Pilot
- USS North Carolina, Senior Shuttle Pilot
- USS Resolute, Shuttle Pilot
- USS Resolute, Night Watch Flight Control Officer
- USS Pioneer, Chief Flight Control Officer