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Ekrohk Son of Oklorgh

Name Ekrohk Son of Oklorgh

Position Klingon Sector Governor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 275lbs
Hair Color Bald (Black)
Eye Color Silver
Physical Description A tall and intimidating Klingon Warrior, Ekrohk, Son of Oklorgh has spent his entire life being trained for combat. He has multiple scars across his body from combat that he refuses to have healed aside from by time. He also has had each of his ridges pierced with the ornate jewelry signifying his place in the House of D'Ghor.


Spouse Ulami, Daughter of Brotak
Children Vatoll, Daughter of Ekrohk
Gorohna, Daughter of Ekrohk
Tsahl, Son of Ekrohk
Father Oklorgh, Son of Uthra
Mother Nalowa, Daughter of Reruk
Brother(s) Meruak, Son of Oklorgh
Avol, Son of Oklorgh
Sister(s) Juvoja, Daughter of Oklorgh
Other Family D'Ghor, Son of Uthra (Head of House D'Ghor)

Personality & Traits